Thursday, October 30, 2008

BC - Wed, 10/29/08

How long will it be before Little Adam starts prefacing everything he says with "What the Hell ...", since that's what GRANDPA says all day long (along with "What the Devil ...")? It's not like Adam is censoring himself around children.

Is it just me, or does Bianca not really seem to be connecting with the baby? She seems to be going through the motions and is constantly holding the baby (which puts her LEAGUES above Kendall in the mother department), but she seems to be regarding it more like a prop. Of course, she DOES have a lot going on besides her baby, 7-week preemie that she is (BULLSHIT!). Still, she mentions to Zach that the baby is with the pediatrician to be checked out. So why isn't Bianca with the baby AT the pediatrician's office? What are they, babysitters? Like they don't have ENOUGH to do on a regular day, let alone in the aftermath of a tornado. I don't care HOW dire the situation is with Kendall, this just doesn't make any SENSE to me and just further reinforces my sense of the baby being used merely as a prop, not only by Eden R, but also by the writers. I know parents tend to be more relaxed with the second baby, but she had WAAAAAY more bonding with Miranda.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but WTF is wrong with Jesse? He suspects that Annie and Ryan are lying and scared after receiving a ransom note and he acts nasty and snide to them about it. He could have made his point without treating THEM like criminals.

Will Kendall have any scars from her heart surgery? OF COURSE NOT!

Is JAR getting really pudgy or was it just really bad lighting and camera angle? All Moms know that the hips are GREAT places to balance little ones and jutting them out makes it easier (when you're younger, anyway), and since he's a guy with relatively narrow hips, JAR probably just doesn't have the same kind of jutting power that women have so he's compensating by jutting his entire midsection forward and leaning backward. Now that I think about it, though, that would really only serve to push the little out outward. Well, JAR never was particularly bright. Now that I look at it again, though, I think he's just kind of pudgy and not standing up straight. To be fair, though, it ALSO makes his dick look bigger -- well, it makes it look pudgier, anyway.

Robin "or maybe it's just the sock in his pants" Coutellier

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BC - Tue, 10/28/08

Who uses magazine letters for ransom notes these days? That kind of paper just LOVES to pick up fingerprints! You can wear gloves, of course, but it's got to be awkward to do.

JAR asks Little Adam if he's having fun playing with Tad. Shouldn't he be called Grandpa Tad or some variation thereof? He's married to Little Adam's bio grandmother and he's been a step-parent and/or heart-father to JAR all of JAR's life.

When Kendall's heart monitor went bonkers and Greenlee got up to rush out of the room (presumably for help), I was half expecting a nurse to come back in and patiently point out that Greenlee had inadvertently kicked the monitor plug out of the socket or had rolled her chair over a tube or something

Apparently Bianca and Zach are just going to keep referring to him as the baby's father when they think no one else is around. I had a creepy kind of feeling that someone is going to think the Bianca is just moving on in and taking over Kendall's place in the household (except for the sex and thrice-daily hysterics part).

Robin "this is going to be the worst kept secret EVER" Coutellier

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BC - Mon, 10/27/08

Oh, NOW they put a hat on Bianca's baby to keep her warm -- inside an already warm building. I'm still stunned about Zach holding the wet little baby up into the cold wind and flying debris during a tornado, just to be dramatic. Was there a bend in the chute on the way out that caused her to go flying up into the air? Did Bianca push a little TOO hard? Did the baby ricochet off of Zach's face? I can't think of any other POSSIBLE reason for him to do that except he was just trying to catch her because she was a little human super-ball or perhaps just naturally bouncy like little Pubert, the baby in The Addams Family Values movie.

Greenlee says that the baby was born in the midst of chaos and insanity. What a GREAT soap name for the baby! Meet CHAOS INSANITY MONTGOMERY! Or, given her aforementioned flying capabilities, she could be called MAXIMUM SUPERGIRL MONTGOMERY (for you James Patterson fans).

How many of you about CHOKED when Bianca told Erica (re the new baby): "I'm sorry that she'll never know Babe"? WTF? Bianca should be thrilled that THIS baby will never "know" Babe! Babe probably would have found a way to kidnap HER, too!

Annie makes it clear that she doesn't want to talk to Greenlee. She even says: "We don't have to talk." So what does Greenlee do? She insists on talking to Annie and asks what she can do to help. Uh, how about you STFU for starters?

How many different kinds of nuts IS Taylor? She's practically Trail Mix at this point. She is partially paralyzed and she gets herself out of bed and tries to walk. Apparently it never occurs to her that in order for the swelling to go down, she'll need to keep stress OFF of the affected areas.

Robin "with a wrecked back she'll no longer pack a backpack or sleep on a rack or follow a track in Iraq" Coutellier

Sunday, October 26, 2008

BC - Fri, 10/24/08

Ok, I call WAY bogus! Babe has apparently died. JAR holds her for a (very SHORT) while and cries. David pops his head in with a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. JAR LETS GO of Babe and she lolls slightly to her right. Uh, she's DEAD -- DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEADITY-***DEAD***! There is NOTHING but a thin wooden armrest to hold her up, so unless rigor mortis set in within the space of about 5 seconds, there is no earthly (or gravitational) reason for her not to immediately collapse into a heap onto the floor or over the side of the bench! But nooooooo, she still SITS there -- her head isn't even lolling all the way down to her chest! It reminds me of when my Mom falls asleep sometimes in her rocking chair or when someone else is driving. Then David rushes to her, lifts her up -- and her elbow STAYS bent.

I was GOING to ask if I was the only one surprised when Tad did not immediately punch David Hayward after hauling him off the bench, but I see several posts saying something about it. Not that there WAS an immediate need to punch him, but that's never stopped Tad (or anyone else) from punching David before. Of course, then RYAN punched him.

Ian is a BIG baby -- he looks almost as big as Spike!

Taylor was inadvertently knocked down the stairs. I'm really not invested in her character at all (she's not particularly likable), so I find it difficult to care.

Robin "David Hayward is the bubble-wrap of PV; men canNOT walk by him without popping him or wanting BADLY to pop him; they can't help it -- it MUST be done!" Coutellier

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BC - Wed, 10/22/08

Why is Kendall's mouth gaping open? Shouldn't the tube be taped to her mouth and her mouth at least partially closed to avoid excessive drying out? As mentioned by several people about Tuesday's show, when she was being zapped in the hospital hallway, the tube actually came OUT of her mouth.

For someone who is at death's door and who just had surgery, Babe seems quite perky, despite the redness around the eyes and the lolling head.

I agree with whoever said that it's RIDICULOUS that the nurse just hands the baby to Bianca to hold in the hallway -- a baby that's born SEVEN WEEKS prematurely should be in an incubator! What was the point of saying it was seven weeks early (other than for the imminent arrival to be considered suspenseful, unexpected and inconvenient) if the baby looks and acts and seems like a full-term baby (and a good-sized full term baby, at that)?

Okay, now THAT'S a cliffhanger! It's almost impossible to top Jesse being suspended in mid-air during mid-jump between the roof of a building and the landing gear of a helicopter, but it was kind of exciting, nonetheless. It's about time these people showed some real REACTIONS to something!

Robin "duck and cover" Coutellier

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BC - Tue, 10/21/08

The people in the hospital hallway are working on Kendall in front of windows and you can see the window blowing hard outside. Shouldn't someone have put some tape over them or at least be wary enough to work on patients AWAY from the window? Even Krystal did that at the Comeback (fat lot of good it did, but it may have kept the window from breaking into a gazillion shards).

Considering he's just been told that his daughter has been kidnapped, DURING A TORNADO, Ryan is amazingly nonchalant. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that Annie IS lying -- Emma is STILL missing, isn't she? You'd think he would care about THAT, considering the devastation and death that is literally whirling all around him. And who KNOWS what that crazy bitch might have done with Emma? I guess THAT never occured to him.

That's a pretty big baby considering that she arrived SEVEN WEEKS early! They might want to consider wrapping her her up instead of holding her up to the storming heavens like they're in a scene from ROOTS. Considering how wet she must be, she's gotta be a mite COLD at this point.

Robin "being born is insulting ENOUGH to a baby's sensibilities, after all -- there's no need to add freezing one's tiny little ass off and being exposed to flying debris to the growing pile of indignities" Coutellier

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BC - Mon, 10/20/08

If Adam and Erica are trying to save oxygen, they should consider blowing out that oxygen gobbling candle. I was listening to the Pine Valley Podcast for this week and Ashley Mendoza mentioned the Chinese food boxes in the tunnels. It made me wonder: Did the "mystery man" have food delivered to the tunnels? I mean, really, the tunnels are just THAT insecure, after all.

Hmmm, they can't get to Little Adam without unpinning Babe first, but if they unpin Babe NOW, she'll bleed out. How about this? I'm sure Krystal has some nice sharp knives for slicing limes behind the bar -- how about they just amputate just a PART of Babe to get to Little Adam? Of course, the bar is probably in the top of someone's oak tree at this point, but I'm sure someone has a pen-knife handy. Babe's diamond ring looks pretty substantial -- it might do. I have some suggestions for body parts to lop off, but decorum (yes, I DO have just a SMIDGEN of that) prevents me from sharing them with you at this time ;-)

I can't believe how CALM everyone is. Angie says she needs clamps to stop Babe's bleeding. Krystal glumly says she'll go see if there's something in the kitchen (then seems wonder if she even HAS a kitchen anymore). Zach frantically looks for Kendall. He finds her and yells to Bianca that he can't find a pulse. Bianca looks like she's glancing out a window and is slightly disappointed because the person walking by isn't the mailman and she's expecting the new Sears catalog.

Did you see that little peck on the lips Jesse and Angie had when Jesse was about to leave to get help? He moves in for a kiss and she puckers but actually pulls back AWAY from the kiss and turns quickly to Natalia by the time the lips connect for a nanosecond. Was it bad timing or did Darnell have garlic for lunch?

When Greenlee was screaming as she was being dragged away by the tornado, did anyone else think of Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz? I'm not thinking of the tornado part -- I'm thinking of the way Dorothy screamed when the flying monkeys dragged her away.

Thorston Kaye looks embarrassed at being forced to say those inane lines about fathering Bianca's baby.

Continuing in the same vein of understated reactions, Bianca suddenly says "Ow" and then calmly informs Zach that she thinks the baby is coming (a month early). Oh -- how ... inconvenient. Who is DIRECTING these people for these scenes? It's like they are counting ENTIRELY on CGI special effects to the point where they don't think anyone will be paying any attention to the actors, so there's no need for anyone to waste time reacting to the multitude of catastrophic events other than to casually notice that the events are happening.

Robin "does the entire town now smell like broken Bella bottles?" Coutellier

Saturday, October 18, 2008

BC - Fri, 10/17/08

WTF is WRONG with these people? Tornado/disaster sirens are blaring, the storm is raging, and Angie, Jesse, Natalia, Babe and Little Adam are all hanging around in the bar area. Babe and Little Adam were actually elsewhere and came BACK into the area. Then Babe sits Little Adam down ON TOP OF THE BAR. You know, right across from all the glass bottles and glasses that are set on the numerous shelves behind the bar. No one seems to notice the sirens, even though Jesse is the CoP and has issued orders for everyone ELSE in town to take cover.

Then there's Kendall, with her two babies. She KNOWS there's a tornado warning. She loses contact with Zach on the cellphone as he gets sucked up into the vortex. So what does she do? She grabs a couple of seat cushions from the porch and then ... sits down on the couch with her babies playing on the floor. Near a window. A little later she has Spike on the couch as Ian is in his little walker. What did she think the sirens were about? Did she think they were whimsical whale calls? Even SHE can't be so stupid as to think that's safe enough, can she? What am I saying? Of COURSE she can be (and IS) just THAT stupid!

Hmmm, getting hit by doors in tornados appears to be a genetic trait. Tad got knocked out by one during the LAST tornado. Then Petey was out cold after the front door blew into HIS head.

I LOVE the new baby Ian! He is SOO chatty and lively and happy! Of course, that means they'll probably be replacing him pretty soon -- can't have a baby actor that actually shows more signs of life than a lizard sunning on a rock, after all.

When Zach was climbing out of his car they showed the landscape around him, including power and telephone lines. Those lines were as still as if there were not even a slight breeze or even squirrels running across them. Hey, CGI dept -- PAY ATTENTION -- those things will whip around like crazy on a merely WINDY day!

Robin "still, all in all the effects were kind of cool for a soap" Coutellier

Friday, October 17, 2008

BC - Wed-Thu,10/15-16/08

Ryan insists to Jesse that Emma is SAFE WITH HIM. Well, she isn't WITH him, is she? She's with the babysitter/nanny at the movies.

Why would there be a tornado at the beach? I've heard of waterspouts, but I was under the impression that a BIG tornado needs a LOT of flat ground to form. PV has an ocean and mountains (the mountains or very large hills part is usually what defines a "valley").

It sounds like Greenlee is coming down with whatever Kendall had that made her voice hoarse. The upcoming screaming and all the crying she has to do probably isn't going to help.

Did you see that look on Jesse's face when Angie came into the main room of The Comeback where he was talking with Natalia? PRICELESS! It was a "who me", "why look, it's my lovely wife", "what woman, I don't see any other woman here", "nobody here but us chickens" kind of look.

Technically, other than a basement, the tunnels are probably the safest place on the Chandler estate (well, the panic room might be a tad safer). That doesn't mean they'll be safe in PV, of course. Too bad no one is hanging out at Wildwind, because the mausoleum (calling FAC Crypt!) would probably make a good shelter. That's one heavy-duty little structure.

Where ARE Kendall and Zach? Are they at a cottage on the Pine Valley Ocean or somewhere on the New Jersey coast near Sea City? If they can hear the sirens so loudly, they must not be very far away from town at ALL.

Why isn't there anyone on the staff working in the lobby at the movie theater? There are only the sitter (is it Corrina or Rachel -- they're kind of interchangeable) and Annie screaming for Emma and running around in circles.

Robin "has anyone looked in the bathroom?" Coutellier

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BC - Tue, 10/14/08

Why has Greenlee been so, sooo, sooooo ... blah? She never gets excited about ANYTHING any more. Even when Aidan hands a gun over to Ryan and tells him to shoot him, she just stares at him. The FDA trashes the Fusion offices and she just looks sad. In fact, that's about ALL she does these days is look sad, yet serene. Or just serene. Where is the woman who took a hatchet to Ryan's apt? Where's her spark? Is she taking Quaaludes?

Why are Corrina and Emma in the park AFTER DARK? What possible reason could they have for being there? For that matter, why is Annie in the boathouse when she is being stalked? I mean, I thought it was stupid of her to hang out on the Chandler patio, but in a deserted boathouse in the middle of a park at night? She really IS certifiable. They never DID explain why she was there. Then she got spooked and ran to Cortlandt manor. Was she planning to sleep in the boathouse? Ick? Considering how much action that place sees, no matter what time of year it is or hour of the day or night, that place must have to be disinfected on a daily basis. I can only imagine how many condoms must be strewn about on the planks and floating in the water.

Why are people on TV and in movies always having sex on the floor? The floor is HARD and it really has no give to it. You'd think someone as thin and bony as Kendall would INSIST on moving the sex to the bedroom.

Robin "whose tailbone STILL remembers the 1980s" Coutellier

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BC - Mon, 10/13/08

Why does Colby often wear such dowdy clothes? That plaid outfit makes me think of Janet on Swingtown.

If they aren't showing Erica popping out of the bodice of every dress or blouse she wears lately, then she is carefully showing us her profile so that we can't fail to miss her newly jutting mammaries. OMG, I paused to type this and realized that Adam's hand is PERFECTLY positioned to make it look like he's about to cop a feel! In fact, he looks like he's about to honk it -- ROTFLMAO!

And as long as I was in a vidcap frame of mind, here is a shot of Erica with her 1980s redux outfit from Friday's show:

The new baby Ian is quite the little scene stealer :-)

Robin "squirmy, vocal & coughing up something in the bargain (the baby, not me .. oh wait ...)" Coutellier

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BC - Fri, 10/10/08

Okay, having the boobs of a 20-yr-old is one thing, but Erica has GOT to stay out of that 20-yr-old's WARDROBE CLOSET! That outfit looks RIDICULOUS on her! What did she do, raid Cyndi Lauper's 1980s costume warehouse?

Robin "short and sweet and to the point" Coutellier

Friday, October 10, 2008

BC - Thu, 10/9/08

I just found out that Eileen Herlie (Myrtle Fargate) died on 10/8 at the age of 90. She was a great actress and will be sorely missed. I, too, have fond memories of her interactions with Langley, among others, and I'll NEVER forget her telling Rae about the tryst at the top of a ferris wheel :-) Myrtle was always so very colorful! They had BETTER give her a good send-off! I suspect Myrtle will be counted as one of the victims in the coming catastrophe. There were rumors that it might be the case, ANYWAY (maybe they knew this was imminent), and the scenes are probably already shot, but even if it was not the case before, I would not be at all surprised to hear they add that into the storyline after the fact. RIP, Ms. Herlie.

Wednesday was too boring to Boogie.

Why do Babe and JAR have to leave THE VERY DAY that they make a decision? How about, at minimum, finding a house first? I guess their just going to drag Little Adam off to a hotel until they figure that out. She gives no thought at all to whether or not Fusion might need her in this crisis for which she was partially responsible. They aren't sorry to see the doorknob hit her in the but, but still ...

There's a custody hearing in an HOUR? Why doesn't Annie have a lawyer for something so important?

Why do ANY of the Chandlers find it so incredulous that someone might be setting Annie up to look crazy and lose custody of her daughter? The Chandlers are MASTERS at EXACTLY that sort of thing.

Will there be ANY warning when the "bad thing comin'" descends upon the town? I want to hear Amanda on the phone telling someone: "I've gotta go, we've got COWS!"

I can see where the FDA might shut down the production aspect of Fusion, but how can they shut down the entire business and just have everyone go home? TOTALLY bogus! It's not like the IRS or some judge padlocked the business, after all (although that might be NEXT).

Robin "not that anyone's going to be able to afford anything as frivolous as perfume in this economy" Coutellier

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BC - Tue, 10/7/08

TAN: Some of you may recall that my car was stolen and then recovered a couple of weeks later. The insurance company DID total my car just for the missing seats (front and back)! I got the car (towed) back to my place today, and a settlement will be along soon. There were some other things missing, too, and the thief/thieves TRIED to steal the starter, but they had the wrong wrench size and couldn't get one of the bolts off. That resulted in a good hour or more with a neighbor trying to figure out why the car wouldn't start (along with needing to add gas (yes, the gas WAS syphoned). They had pulled all the cables off the distributor and put the other ends back in the wrong cylinders and it's apparently kind of tricky to put everything back in the correct order. The cylinder order was easy, but the "firing order" of how they plug back into the distributor cap was NOT. Now I can concentrate on trying to get everything replaced and all the annoying paperwork (along with getting replacement seats, the car has to be re-registered as "salvaged", probably re-smogged, and checked out by a mechanic).

Why are Ryan and Greenlee referring to the moon "last night"? Are they still IN "last night"?

Greenlee can't call Jack because he's out of town. Where is he, the Amazon jungle or some such place where they don't have cellphone towers?

Ryan tells Zach that al he has to do is make a list of all the things Annie has done and he's sure the judge will hand Emma RIGHT OVER to him. What kind of dream world is HE living in (the PV one, I suppose)? Courts give custody to parents who are drug addicts and even to abusive parents if they get a little counseling. Other than leaving a gun where her child could find it (and even THAT can't be proven as far as who put it there), she hasn't overtly endangered or neglected her child. Emma is obviously well taken care of, too. The most Ryan can hope for is JOINT custody. If anything, driving his bike off a cliff and pretending to be dead, not to mention the fight-club stuff and the video of him almost socking a fist into a pregnant Greenlee's face are all slams AGAINST him getting custody. Which is worse, Annie taking a blunt object to her car and pretending to have been in an accident or Ryan pretending to be dead? Hmmmm ...

Robin "give Emma to some GOOD parents, like ... um ... uh ..." Coutellier

Monday, October 6, 2008

BC - Mon, 10/6/08

I'm with Petey on the Bella ad -- it's, uh ... the moon. It looks distant and barren. Eh.

If Annie is the target of someone stalking her, why does she keep putting herself in such vulnerable positions? Tonight she is hanging around on the patio. What next? Strolling around the corner of Front and Locust Streets to get some fresh air? Idiot!

I see (how could anyone MISS it?) that Erica is once again wearing a dress that barely contains here newly purchased boobs -- and the dress isn't even that low-cut. I should probably start to cut her some slack, though -- if I looked like her and had breasts that looked like that, I'd probably be flaunting them, too. Still, they are excellent fodder for us for the time being, so that's the only slack she's going to get for a while -- after all, SHE's certainly tightened up on any hint of slack ;-)

If fever is one of the symptoms of Blast, is Emma having an allergic reaction to the perfume? It would make sense that there would be some at Kendall's house, even though Kendall belittles it at every turn.

Was anyone else creeped out by the really dark, really fast clouds that kept traveling across the view of the moon? It made me think of the movie The Ten Commandments and the curse that killed all the firstborn in the land. Ick!

Robin "at the very least, something is probably on fire" Coutellier

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BC - Thu-Fri, 10/2-3/08

Why is it that Greenlee had such a strong reaction to the perfume in her trunk, but Aidan didn't react at all? I guess it has to actually touch your skin to work. God knows that if the perfume bottle broke, the entire room would have been REEKING from it to the point of needing a hazmat team.

Ah, NOW we have an explanation for the name "Brot"; Taylor's fiance's name was Broughton Monroe (spelling courtesy of close-captioning). That's STILL a soapy name, but at least a little less cavemanish than simply "Brot".

And now we have another tidbit to add to our bucket of tidbits: Opal has a cat named Napoleon.

LOD #1
Krystal to Opal: "I am really sorry to barge in, Opal, but I could NOT get your words out of my head!" Erica (doing her patented simper/dip: "Oh, those POOR words." BWAHAHAHAAA!!

LOD #2
Krystal to Erica: "Adam and I are HISTORY, all right, but DOOM and Adam are celebrating their Golden Anniversary, still goin' STRONG!"

Annie was just attacked -- so why are she and Babe sitting out on the patio IN THE DARK?

I think it's HILARIOUS that, when Ryan expressed astonishment that Annie was just attacked, Adam dismissed it by saying: "Yeah, my men are on top of that." EXCUSE ME? ***RYAN*** just sneaked onto your property and got pretty damn close before the guards caught him.

I am really enjoying how they keep injecting little tiny bits of history and, dare I say it, ever-so-brief bits of REALISM into the show lately. For instance, Erica actually SAID something to Annie about the way she talks to Adam, considering that she's a guest in ADAM'S house. Then Opal said one of her visions was wrong once because she thought Jesse's spirit was talking to her, and obviously he was on THIS side, not the OTHER side, which was a nice little nod to the fans who remember his "spirit" showing up.

Why are the adults arguing about and discussing the intruder and the crazy lady with Little Adam in the room? Way to make the little guy feel safe and secure!

Is it just me, or does the woman hanging around outside the Hubbard apartment look a little like Yvonne Caldwell (as played by Vanessa Bell (Calloway))?

Why doesn't Annie just go to a fucking hotel?

I liked Adam referring to Erica's BOOBY traps. Did I detect just a hint of an in-joke, considering her recently enhanced body parts?

Well, obviously Babe and JAR have failed MISERABLY in warning Little Adam about Stranger Danger. He just sat there looking up at the the stranger, instead of screaming/yelling out that there was a strange man in the room with him.

The new Little Adam is adorable, but his demeanor seems quite a bit younger than the previous actor(s), who was well into age 3. This one is acting a little like he's a really big 2-yr-old. It's hard to compare, though, because the previous one was so deadly dull.

That's IT? THAT is the Friday cliffhanger?

Robin "Eh." Coutellier

Thursday, October 2, 2008

BC - Wed, 10/1/08

Why is Kendall asking Randi to go down and break her nails helping Mannie on the loading dock? Geez, hire some temps!

As usual, at Fusion it's either feast or famine when it comes to actually working (and the feast is really more like a quick binge followed by an even quicker purge). Usually it's deader than a doornail there and the phones NEVER ring, but whenever they want to convey that they are busy with something new, the phones never STOP ringing. It's like a PBS stage during a pledge drive right now, but most of the time there are practically tumbleweeds blowing across the office. Of course one big difference between Fusion and a PBS station during pledge drive is that the people at PBS actually ANSWER their phones.

OMG, did you see that God-awful tie Petey is wearing? I think he stole it from the love child of the Great Pumpkin and The Cat In The Hat!

Robin "will Petey's ties be to Petey what Stuart's sweater vests are to Stuart?" Coutellier

BC - Tue, 9/30/08

First the good news -- My son is home from Japan for a couple of months AND he got married. His wife was unable to accompany him back just yet (his military mission is done, so he HAD to come back), but she will be here next month and they will have a "real" ceremony. OMG -- I'M A MOTHER-IN-LAW!

And ... MY STOLEN CAR HAS BEEN FOUND!!! It's missing the front and back (leather) seats, the hatch cover, and the stereo, but otherwise it seems relatively intact (pending further investigation), and just about everything that I had IN the car was still there! Some (okay a LOT) of it was junk, but some of it was VERY important to me). The car's not totally torn into a thousand pieces, though, and it hadn't crashed into anything, so once I get the seats replaced it should be good to go again. Even the ignition is intact (they probably used something called a "shaved key" to break in and start it). This has been a real wake-up call to me about the importance of protecting my car and it has hammered home just HOW important that PARTICULAR car is to me. I don't want another one -- I want THAT one!

Hmmm, I guess I didn't really have anything to say about Tuesday's show; i..e, it was pretty boring, just like Friday's show, but my own news is pretty cool (to ME, anyway)!

Robin "doing a happy dance!" Coutellier

BC - Mon, 9/29/08

I do have ONE comment about Friday's show: OH PUH-LEEZE!!! NO doctor in this day and age would EVER give the results of a medical test for someone to some flunky in her office (or the CEO, for that matter) over the telephone!

Just how braindead IS Kendall that she thinks she can make an excuse about meeting Greenlee for drinks (trashing the plans she and Zach already had) when she's really going down to the police station to ... what? Be there for Ryan? And she REALLY thinks Zach won't figure this out?

What kind of idiot IS Taylor to wait until the very MOMENT she is called into the doctor's office to take a tranquilizer, however mild? Oh, that's right -- a PINE VALLEY Idiot. I think there is some sort of beam that people cross through when they enter town that automatically deducts at least 50 points from their IQs.

Did anyone else notice that during Taylor's interview with the shrink her pupils were sort of dilated? Now THAT is method acting! I would think it would be difficult to keep pupils dilated under studio lights.

Did you catch the way Jake told Amanda he liked her "A LOT"? It was VERY reminiscent of the way Jim Carrey's character in "Dumb and Dumber" stumbled over the words as he told that to the girl of his dreams who, coincidentally, was played by Lauren Holly, who played Julie Rand Chandler Kelly on AMC back in the late 1980s.

Why would Annie WANT to stay at the Chandler's after the way Adam treated her, rightly or wrongly?

Robin "she must have an ulcer burning a hole in her stomach at THIS point" Coutellier