Friday, May 13, 2011

BC - Mon, 5/9/11

Is anyone else struck by how often spouses and sweethearts visit their loved ones at the hospital or other places of work?  Have you ever seen that in real life?  Yes, people occasionally will visit at their SO's place of work, particularly if it's an informal place, such as Krystal's but normally that would be frowned upon if it happened on a regular basis (even at Krystal's, if the person visiting was, for instance, the busperson's girlfriend or wife).  It's unprofessional.  It seems like Amanda goes to the hospital and makes out with Jake on a near-daily basis.

Tad thinks Cara has too much time on her hands because she alphabetized the spice rack.  What's wrong with that?  It can be difficult to find a particular spice; most of the containers look pretty much alike, after all.  The better stores alphabetize them.  I realize he's just antsy and thinks Cara would never think to do something like that if she weren't antsy, too, but I thought I'd throw in my opinion about alphabetizing spices :-)  Since they are both antsy, perhaps they should consider that they are both HORNY and just DO something about it.

Whatever the tabloid magazine is that eBabe is holding up, it costs $4.49 in Canada.  Are tabloids really THAT expensive nowadays?  Sheesh, how do they stay in business?  Who can afford to regularly buy them at THAT price.  I remember when they used to cost about 35 cents (which is about the last time I bought one).

Not only does the Yacht Club have rooms that only have flimsy louvered closet doors on each guest room (a long-time pet peeve of mine, as many of  you know), but the handles apparently don't have locks, either.

I see Griff is still wearing his Unibomber "yeah, I'll blend" disguise.

Wow, I did NOT expect it at ALL when Miranda got upset at school because a classmate called her mother a "Lezzie".  Is that going to be a whole storyline to try to keep viewers through September, or was it just an opportunity for eBabe and Bianca to bond over what a good Mom Bianca is?

I think Cara should be arrested for insisting on visiting the sick child against the parents' express wishes.  At the very LEAST she's probably trespassing.  Then the father walks in and finds Cara lovingly caressing his little girl's face!  I would go BALLISTIC if I were him!  If they don't have a restraining order on her yet, they should get one pronto so she CAN be arrested the next time.  It doesn't matter if the child wants her to visit!  Yeah, it's a sad situation, but it's none of Cara's business, particularly when she's already suffered repercussions for prior contact with the child.  Since Jake LET her do it after only giving lip-service to keeping her away from the child, both he and the hospital should be SUED!

Robin "in a much better mood today" Coutellier

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