Monday, May 2, 2011

BC - Fri, 4/29/11

Kendall discusses with Bianca how they are deceiving Ricky in order to trap him.  Then she says she sees him and has to go.  She takes TEN steps (I counted) to get to where he's already seated on a blanket.  Later she has the NEVER to criticize Griffin for getting too close -- he was farther away than SHE was when she was on the phone.  She has the brain of a flea!

Oh, Griff doesn't look suspicious at ALL in his sunglasses and pulled-up hoodie on a warm spring day.  That is, if you don't think someone who looks like the guy on The Unibomber wanted poster looked suspicious.

The kidnapper told Erica that Krystal couldn't hold a candle to HER.  Hmm, Colby really LIKES Krystal, so I'm not so sure she would say that.  OTOH, it's not like the writers have stayed true to the natures of various characters, anyway, so I'll stick with Colby still as my kidnapper-guessing de jour, although with slightly less conviction than I did in the last Boogie Chillen.

They DID mention Mike Roy, while pointedly NOT showing his photo.  OTOH, they mentioned all of Erica's husbands as she turned through the album made by the kidnapper.  I think THIS episode was written with the knowledge that the show had been cancelled, which makes me think at least ONE of the writers knew it had been cancelled before it had been announced since Erica had already been kidnapped right around the time they announced it. 

I like how they've consistently shown Erica's favorite food to be risotto.  It's a small thing, but it's a nice touch.  Too bad they can't remember the BIG things.  For instance, Erica has been known to get claustrophobic.  Remember her meltdown while she was in solitary confinement?

Why did they announce that AMC and OLTL will be cancelled when they weren't going to take them off the air for several months?  Maybe it was going to leak, especially if they were not renewing actors' contracts.  It's hard to watch commercials touting AMC and OLTL knowing that the shows have been cancelled.  It's like, what's the point?  If anything, it tempts me to stop watching altogether (I'm not going to do that until the bitter end, but if I'm a diehard fan and that's what I'm feeling, what about people who aren't as committed to the show?).  Yeah, they need advertisers and advertisers need viewers, but it's like a slap in the face every time they tell us to tune in to new and exciting episodes.

Robin "which makes me want to slap Fronz even harder" Coutellier

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