Monday, March 16, 2009

BC - Mon, 3/16/09

Randi tells Frankie that if he goes to Iraq, they are OVER. Frankie says they are not over, they're SOLID. Excuse me? They may or may not be over, but they sure as hell are NOT solid if she's ready to call it quits over him going (as if he has a choice). I don't blame her for being royally pissed off that he didn't TELL her that he's shipping out in a month, though.

David has been convicted of crimes and it is well-known that he drugged an entire boatload of people. Krystal has been convicted of crimes and just lost custody of her infant daughter. I think Adam has been convicted of crimes, too. He's also spent time in the loony bin. So far, JAR is the only one who HASN'T been convicted (although he certainly SHOULD have been at least CHARGED with multiple crimes); in any case, it is well-known that he is an alcoholic who has repeatedly fallen off the wagon. I think he also lost custody of Little Adam (as did Babe) at one point when they were fighting for custody. If I were David, I would worry more that Little Adam would be taken away from JAR and Adam and put into the foster care system, because, upon close inspection, NONE of the players in this scenario are fit guardians of a child.

Robin "not that that ever stopped a PV judge" Coutellier

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