Monday, March 16, 2009

BC - Fri, 3/13/09

Amanda gave a deposition. She can recant and, in court, SAY that David was blackmailing her. Whether they believe her or not, she will have lied about one or the other, so her testimony should be moot. Of course, he might then be able to use THAT against her, although I don't see how it would show she is an unfit parent. Well, okay, the part about deliberately trying to get JAR drunk might not help matters.

Did I miss something? Where's Jenny, sleepover camp? She's not with Tad or Opal or Krystal, so where was she when the fire broke out, playing with matches in the library?

Opal's medical emergency is over (and completely unexplained). Just like everyone else, she seems to have no after-effects from the fire whatsoever except maybe looking kind of tired. She PASSED OUT from smoke inhalation, yet her voice is just fine.

How are all those pictures of Emma stuck on the bulletin board over her bed?

Assuming that Aidan really DID visit Annie (although I'm still leaning toward it being a hallucination on Annie's part), either a) they did not use protection during sex, b) he used condoms and tossed them in the trash for the staff to find, or c, he stuffed the used condoms into his pockets. It's kind of hard to say which scenario is the worst to contemplate.

So what is Ryan up to? Is he maybe trying to ruin Fusion because Kendall was behind the wheel of the car when Greenlee was killed?

Robin "now THAT I can understand" Coutellier

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