Monday, January 4, 2010

BC - Mon, 12/28/09

It's a sad day, indeed when AMC dispenses with so many characters like used tissue because the AMC production crew is moving to California. It's even worse that they are getting rid of Ruth and Joe! They are CORE characters. The show was BUILT around them! Now the only person left on the show from the original days now will be Susan Lucci. That's not to say that Ray MacDonnell and Lee Meriwether (aka CatRuth) don't WANT to retire, necessarily, but it's sad just the same.

David should be smart enough to know that someone in a coma MIGHT actually be able to HEAR people talking. But nooooo, there he sits, going on and on about how Kendall and Ryan forgot all about her and hooked up before she was even cold in her presumed grave. It's TRUE, but Greenlee doesn't need to know that just yet.

David talks to Nurse Gayle about the past (so everyone can catch up, because Nurse Gayle should have already known all this stuff), and David goes on to tell how he found Greenlee, all washed up in her wedding dress. Then he says: "And I made a promise to her right then and there that I would do everything in my power to heal her. When she came to, I'd let her know how she'd been betrayed." So let me get this straight: David saved Greenlee for the sole purpose of telling her how horribly she had been betrayed by the man she loves and her best friend? Man, THAT is COLD!

Ruth STILL hasn't met eBabe? Where the hell has SHE been?

Zach tells Kendall that Erica keeps talking about "that night that we got stuck in the snow." Hello? It was LAST NIGHT, you time-challenged IDIOT! You woke up in the car on Christmas day. It IS Christmas day -- you came home in time to spend it with the children!

Why would Tad joke about Krystal burning down the house? She almost DID burn down the house while under the influence of drugs and David. I think it's a little soon to JOKE about it.

Robin "remember the time you betrayed me with my worst enemy? Ah, good times!" Coutellier

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