Monday, February 1, 2010

BC - Mon-Thu, 1/25-28/10

Tidbit: Tad's house is at 3420 Canyon Drive.

Randi's bright idea is to use women who have been helped out by the Miranda Center as models for their new campaign. I don't understand why everything about the Miranda Center is so OPEN. Most shelters for battered women are SECRET. The women are trying to recover from horrific conditions and now they are going to be asked to be on TV. Like they need THAT kind of stress added onto everything else they are dealing with, not to mention that most of them probably don't want people staring at them as they go through such a horrible time in their lives.

Annie sure did an about-face about making sure Adam doesn't get too excited or not enough rest. Now she's dragging him to a party where most people despise them BOTH.

Robin "she wasn't like this when she first came to town" Coutellier

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