Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 1/29/10 thru 2/1/10

Wow, that's some crack security team Adam has. They just assume the perp escaped out the bedroom window. The alarm is blaring, but they don't even bother to check ANY hiding place in the room or next to the room (like the bathroom). They didn't even check under the bed.

Krystal tells Rob to take her back to his place. Uh, why didn't she do that the other day when she and Tad both wanted to boink their respective dates in the living room while Opal and the kids were upstairs?

The wind sure came up quickly! There didn't appear to be any wind outside when Greenlee talked to the reporter outside of Fusion, and no one else had mentioned it.

I agree with the comments on RATSA re Erica's fluffy dress. It's little girlish or, at the very least, too young a fashion for Erica. Upon further reflection, wasn't she wearing a similar dress during the fuzzy flashback of her when she was 14 and about to be raped by Richard Fields? Upon even further reflection, I went to and searched for Shirley Temple photos. BINGO! Check out THIS photo of Erica Kane vs Shirley Temple with VERY similar frilly dresses:

Okay, that's just ... odd. Does Susan Lucci REALLY want people to think of a little girl in the early 1930s when they look at her?

Does Ryan even OWN a bed at this point, or does he just sleep on the living room floor in front of the fireplace every night? Clearly the living room floor with the ever-widening stain on the floor gets way more butt-prints on it than his imaginary bed EVER has.

Robin "well, that's a nice little surprise for Greenlee; do you think she'll hurl?" Coutellier

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