Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BC - Tue-Tue, 2/9-16/10

I was surprised to see Colby using a plain old cellphone when she took the photo of Scott and Annie outside the window, and then it rang. I would have thought she would have an iPhone or something similar. Then her phone rings at Fusion and it's a different phone. How many phones does she have? And why didn't Adam just call Colby directly?

Uh, does Ryan plan to punch out everyone in the world who DARES to get married on Valentine's Day? I know he's RYAN and that he is made of titanium and all, but eventually his fist IS going to start throbbing a little.

When he saw Greenlee, why didn't RYAN faint, like any self-respecting soap WOMAN would have done? And he was SOOO obtuse about why Greenlee was mad at him that it was ridiculous!

David taunts Jesse and Jack, saying that if Greenlee chose to use a virus against her OWN company, what crime has she committed? Uh, she is not the ONLY owner of the company. Kendall also owns it, as do shareholders, although it's kind of vague as to whether or not Kendall simply signed the company over to Erica.

Is it just me, or is Rebecca Buddig still kind of phoning it in? She was WAAAAY too low-key at the almost-wedding and afterward.

Robin "and we're supposed to be interested because ...?" Coutellier

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