Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BC - Wed, 2/3/10

Well, it's pretty obvious that Krystal was giving Rob a blowjob while he was driving (or worse, while SHE was driving). Now they are both in the hospital and she's wondering if his manhood will ever recover. This is not the first time we've seen Krystal after a rather broad indication that she had just given someone a blowjob (remember the lab technician when Babe was having a pre-natal DNA test done on the baby? Krystal actually WIPED HER MOUTH as the guy did up his pants).

Ah, so they were NOT driving at the time (unless you count a different kind of driving). Why did Frankie think they should file the case in the strange-but-true file (he was just being facetious, but still). I mean, REALLY, how uncommon is it for people to come in for injuries related to having sex? Falling out of bed would actually seem to be quite common. And, as many medical TV shows have joked (or possibly NOT joke), they have a basket/box for all the odd things doctors pull out of people's asses (with some unusual explanations on how the items could POSSIBLY have ended up so far up there, usually having to do with accidentally falling onto something and, OOPS!).

Why would Fusion go on the record at a press conference and say WHAT was destroyed? Why give their competitors the edge of knowing that? You would think they would want to keep it quiet that it happened at ALL.

Greenlee started a fire when she threw something into/toward the fireplace. Now she's asleep and the place is filling with smoke (a way to get rid of the Wildwind set?). Ryan will, of course, have to rescue her. I wouldn't be surprised if he hesitates first, though, being tempted to let David and what's left of his things burn to the ground.

Fusion has an alarm code?

WTF are Jake and Angie meddling into a delivery of meds for someone who obviously has great need of it? It's none of their BUSINESS! Did Jake ever stop to think that stealing a delivery meant for someone else in the pursuit of snooping on David might compromise his court case against him?

Why didn't anyone at PVH ask David why he doesn't just bring his patient to a NY, Philadelphia or Boston hospital for the better facilities than Gloucester? I mean WE know why he can't move Greenlee, but THEY don't know that (yet).

Robin "Fusion uses a UNIX-based-system? Now THAT surprises me ... a LOT" Coutellier

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