Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BC - Fri, 2/19/10

I've been thinking ever since Greenlee was back, or at least on many occasions, that her eyes look odd. I think I just figured it out during a closeup. Her pupils are dilated, even under the studio lights. It makes her eyes look kind of blank like they're made of glass or something. At least that's my perception at the moment. I hope she isn't ill and having to take something. If she's putting something in her eyes for the sole purpose of dilating the pupils for the camera, she should rethink that strategy because I think it just makes her eyes look weird and inexpressive and makes me wonder if she's sick or using drugs. OTOH, Greenlee IS supposed to be physically wrung out. It kind of makes her look soulless, though.

Also, is Greenlee wearing those "invisible" braces? Her teeth, top and bottom, seemed fused (same closeup). That doesn't make that much difference, it was just something I noticed.

Good for Greenlee telling Ryan that she still loved him, but that was ALL and they were over. He's such a clueless jerk!

Did you notice that Adam was wearing a VERY high black turtleneck sweater? That's not really Adam's style. I wonder if DC needs to cover up something like a shunt.

Now Greenlee has a fever. I hope she presses charges against Ryan for kidnapping her.

I could not BELIEVE Jake telling Ryan not to be hard on himself for Greenlee getting sick and that Greenlee did it to herself. WTF? I'm sure being F**KING KIDNAPPED and held against her will didn't exactly help her immune system or stress levels any! Oh what am I saying. Jake is almost as much of a jerk as Ryan is. Kidnapping, torture, manhandling, completely and UTTERLY ignoring the wishes and feelings of the women they supposedly love, etc., are all part of their normal, day-to-day routines and are certainly nothing new.

Speaking of kidnapping, David is still "tied" to a chair. I don't know what the situation is at the foot level, but the ridiculousness of the ties on top became even more obvious to me when I realized the the chair he is tied to has a dropcloth/sheet over it. WTF? That should make for VERY easy sliding out from under the ropes.

I DID like that they mentioned that they've been there before as far as Erica tying him up and torturing him. Remember how she knocked him out by tapping him on the back of his head with a purse-size hand mirror, then dumped his body down the laundry chute from the bathroom to the basement of her Victorian home, and then hauled him over to an antique vise and put his hand in it? Now THAT was entertaining, just trying to figure out how a 90 lb Erica could do ANY of that by herself. I seem to recall wondering if she was going to get an acetylene torch and a pair of pliers in preparation for going medieval on his ass.

Robin "Erica has lost some of her edge in the kidnapping dept" Coutellier

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