Thursday, February 25, 2010

BC - Wed, 2/24/10

Tempo folded? Then why is it being resurrected? Adam said that the sales were down, not that it had folded several years ago. Perhaps they should choose a different name so people don't associate it with a failed magazine. If Annie is going to run it, perhaps it should be called "Homicidal Herald", "Tire Iron Tribune" or "Citizen Crazy".

Greenlee doesn't show up for work by noon so the entire Fusion office staff (except for Randi) just LEAVES? Nice work ethic! They must be following the shining examples that their bosses so often exhibit, although Erica seems to have worked harder at the business than Greenlee or Kendall ever did.

Robin "the cats are away, so the mice went away too" Coutellier

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