Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BC - Mon-Wed, 3/1-3/10

Did you hear Dr. Bender being paged to the "Mental Ward"? You would think they would use a numbered code or at least say "Psychiatric Ward". Paging him to the Mental Ward is like paging him to the Loony Bin.

Uh, Randi, Sweetie? Your husband is a doctor ON DUTY -- perhaps it would be a wiser idea for him to wait until he is OFF-DUTY to take whatever pain pills were prescribed for him when his hands were initially injured. Of course, being a doctor, he knows better than to do that. Yup, Frankie would NEVER do a thing like that. Not Frankie. After all he's already having extreme angst over the fact that someone died because he didn't tell him Mom about needing authorization. She's already made it clear to him that she's protecting the HOSPITAL. Nope, Frankie will, for sure, never take narcotic pain relievers while on duty. Not our Frankie.

Why is everyone saying they'll protect Gayle if she steps forward about David? They are all thinking in terms of her being prosecuted (which she SHOULD be), but what about ADAM? HE is the one she drugged. If he hadn't been drugged, he probably wouldn't have shot and killed his own brother. Adam could hand her a whole WORLD of hurt over that, if only to sue her for taking away his civil liberties or something like that. David could probably dish something out, too, given that she could bring him down.

Why aren't Joe and Ruth there at the hospital during JAR's time of need, if only to support Tad?

Robin "sooooo ... Frankie took the pills ... on duty" Coutellier

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