Thursday, March 11, 2010

BC - Mon-Tue, 3/8-9/10

Why do people on soaps think that stomping on a cellphone or breaking it in half is going render it untraceable? It's a moot point since Greenlee's cell wouldn't do much good, GPS-wise, sitting on the floor of the police station, but that was a purely symbolic gesture, like when people think they are "killing" a desktop computer by shooting at the monitor. Newsflash: The monitor is connected to the computer via a cable and you can easily replace it with another monitor (although I suppose it's possible something will short out via that cable). Likewise with a cellphone, she doesn't HAVE to have a working cellphone for them to trace his calls. The call doesn't GO directly to the cellphone, it would go through the cellphone company equipment and THEN out to her phone, so the only lost signals would be her OWN, and any messages from David would simply be stored on the company's equipment until the company gets a signal that Greenlee's cellphone is working again, has been replaced, or the account has been closed.

Why is everyone acting like David is finally going down for good? They act like he was caught red-handed MURDERING someone. He's committed a lot of crimes, but I doubt he'll get much, if any, jail time over it. He falsified DNA records and could be gotten for abuse of a corpse. He had Gayle drug Adam, and that MIGHT be considered attempted murder, but he'd probably go down more for falsifying the prescription labels than for trying to kill Adam. Nope, I just don't see why everyone is so self-satisfied over THIS particular set of crimes. He has gotten away with SOOOO much more in the past, and this isn't the first time he's rescued someone that was presumed dead and KEPT it that way for a long time. This is just the same shit on a different day.

Gee, NO ONE will recognize David in THAT disguise. No one ever recognized Clark Kent as Superman wearing glasses, either, did they?

Why would they be doing a bone marrow transplant in full few of people, friends and relatives or not, staring in at JAR like he's an animal in the zoo?

Robin "How about a LITTLE privacy?" Coutellier

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