Monday, March 22, 2010

BC - Thu, 3/18/10

Does Erica ever have a day where she thinks "Oh f**k it! I'm just going to leave yesterday's makeup on, slip into a caftan, a bandana and some terry-cloth flat slippers."

Well, that WAS unexpected -- Ryan actually MENTIONED that he and Greenlee have bad memories at the casino. Which raises the question AGAIN of why the hell he bought it in the first place.

So Zach doesn't even know that his bestest friend-in-the-hole, Greenlee, is still alive, does he? I mean, they said the other day that even Kendall doesn't know about it yet (no tabloids or computers wherever they are, I guess -- where are they, the Blue Lagoon?). You'd think Greenlee would a) want to be able to share her feelings with Zach, and/or b) be protective of him after finding out that Ryan "snookered" Zach out of the casino, instead of giving Ryan props for it.

Robin "Ryan told Greenlee that she's angry all the time now ... and his point is ....?" Coutellier

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