Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BC - Wed, 3/24/10

Has Greenlee asked anyone where Aiden went?

Why does Madison want to hang around the casino for her date? I know she was there initially for work, but that place has BAD memories for her, and the drinking and gambling were ADDICTIONS that don't just go away just because her husband and father have gone away. Ah, I see her date isn't going well because she's so uncomfortable. At least they wrote SOME realism into it, although they weren't clear WHY she was uncomfortable (so she can be thrown together with Ryan, obviously).

Uh, how long has Natalia been out of the academy? She's determined to get that detective's badge ASAP. Isn't there at least a requirement as far as experience goes in order to qualify for that position? Hmmm, I googled it and am dismayed to find out that the only REAL qualification is a GED, an ability to speak English, and passing the physical. I'm sure individual states and locales have their own stringent requirements, and I would imagine rookies don't generally get promoted over senior officers, at least not without a brilliant track record and more than a little experience as a beat cop. Of course, in PV, ANYONE can do ANY job, regardless of their qualifications and/or experience, or the lack thereof.

Speaking of Natalia, she is NOT supermodel material. She does NOT ooze glamor and still won't, no matter how much she's dolled up. She's pretty, but she's not NEARLY pretty enough for an ad campaign for makeup that makes a woman look glamorous.

Okay, that's just RUDE having Ryan talk about and belittling cougar mothers in Girl Scout troups, considering he just got out of a relationship with Granny Erica. What a JERK!

Now Greenlee is locked in a room yet AGAIN. Whatever happened to her claustrophobia? It's hard to imagine why she EVER goes into ANY room, considering how often she ends up locked in, one way or another.

Robin "no wonder she's always pissed off about something" Coutellier

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