Monday, March 29, 2010

BC - Mon, 3/29/10

Uh, why did Ryan feel the need to jump into Liza's apt after Greenlee and inform Greenlee and David that the police were on their way to arrest David? If he had just stayed hidden and kept his yap shut, David and Greenlee might have been none the wiser. David was apprehended, anyway, but that was still a bonehead move on Ryan's part. How can Ryan POSSIBLY be such a phenomenal businessman when he doesn't even have enough self-control to do something as simple, logical and commonsensical as waiting a few minutes (or even SECONDS) before opening his big mouth and spilling the beans?

Randy feels perfectly comfortable hiring Damon, even after hearing he's a screw-up at the hospital and seeing how immature he is. She says that if Tad is willing to vouch for him, that's good enough for her. Now, she MAY be feeling like he should get a second chance, as she was given, but REALLY? Like there aren't HUNDREDS of better-qualified people who would be willing to work at Fusion, if only for the opportunity to see the great Erica Kane in person. She doesn't even know if he knows the alphabet because she hasn't asked him about any skills he may or may not have.

Brooke tells Adam that he has JAR and JAR is a WONDERFUL man [me: no he's not]. She says that's in part because Adam NEVER gave up on him [me: yes he did].

Did you catch the blatant advertising for Alice In Wonderland when Krystal made it clear that the video version they had in the house is perfectly adequate for the little girls? Damon talked about taking the girls to see the new 3-D movie, but Krystal doesn't trust him with the girls, so instead they will look for the OLD version. You know the animated one by Disney, OWNER of ABC. During a break, they showed a commercial for the Disney new "un-Anniversary" edition on DVD

It was speculated by a couple of people in R.A.T.S.A. that Damon might be illiterate. Perhaps. Or maybe he's dyslexic. He sure bolted out of Fusion when Randi started to show him about doing inventory. Was he confused by the words or the numbers? Ah, Damon answered the question before the end of the show. It's the numbers. I vote for dyslexia. So, will he get professional help, or will Randi volunteer to tutor him, resulting in he and Randi having an affair because Frankie will be spiraling out of control over the pain in his hands and the Vicadin in his mouth? Then again, they need to throw him and Colby together, so maybe Colby will be the one to tutor him. Then he can be at the mansion and Annie can slake her sexual thirsts with HIM instead of Scott. Plus he can steal more meds, etc. Maybe he'll steel someone's birth control pills and we'll see him sporting man-boobs just in time for summer.

Robin "it could happen" Coutellier

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