Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 3/12-3/15/10

Why doesn't anyone ever notice when the tunnel doors are open? Wouldn't they hear the change in air sounds, if not the creaking and clicking of doors?

Did anyone ever tell Mary that Greenlee is alive?

When Adam was lying helpless and begging David to help him, did anyone else flash back to Palmer finding Adam in the boathouse after he had a stroke? Palmer stood there and taunted Adam, who couldn't move. I think Palmer eventually DID get help for him, but he mentally tortured him and enjoyed it for a while first.

Oh FGS! Now Ryan is taking his little daughter to a f**king BAR for ice cream! I don't care HOW much food they serve, ConFusion IS and always HAS been a BAR, plain and simple. It is NOT BJ's, it is NOT McKay's, it is NOT The Serving Spoon and it is NOT The Goal Post. It's a BAR. At one point they were portraying it as possibly a bar at night and an eating establishment during the day, but guess what? It's NIGHT now and Emma is there ordering ice cream sundaes. ABC's budget must be in dire shape if they couldn't afford to bring the BJ's set with them to LA or to come up with something, ANYTHING, that resembles a family-friendly easting establishment. Then he sends her over to a waitress to place their order and doesn't give her another glance until she runs back over to where he and Madison are talking. Yeah, they need a place where a lot of regulars can interact but they need to come up with a different venue.

Considering how often people go in and out of the patio entrance to the living room at the Chandler mansion, you'd think Annie and/or Scott would rub a brain cell or two together and try to go into the room THAT way. Not only that, but EMMA could probably bust those flimsy hallway doors open. I've seen unlocked revolving doors with more resistance.

I don't think I've ever seen Erica looking QUITE so Marlo-Thomas-in-"That Girl" as she did in that meeting with Jack and Greenlee. I'll see what I can do in the way of a comparison photo. Heh! It just occurred to me that there are people reading this who will be as clueless about that pop-culture reference as Damon was to Tad's "Eddie Haskell/Leave It To Beaver" reference

Robin "that's a lovely frock you're wearing today, Ms. Kane" Coutellier

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