Thursday, March 18, 2010

BC - Tue-Wed, 3/16-17/10

Opal gets in digs at Liza about how she tried to bust up Tad's marriage to Dixie way back in the day. Which time is Opal referring to? Opal was brought back to town (in the form of Jill Larson vs. Dorothy Lyman) by Palmer for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of breaking up Tad and Dixie. Remember how Opal moved into their apartment and redecorated it so that it looked hideous before they returned from their honeymoon? I also recall, at a later point, that Opal and Marion conspired to break up Tad and Dixie, USING Liza as bait.

Why does Ryan want Zach's casino? That's where he almost punched Greenlee and then fled, driving his motorcycle over a cliff. That's where he was shot, wasn't he, in the murder game (or was that someone else)? What lovely memories he has there. Then again, he's stayed in that penthouse, which has a revolving door of traumatic memories with him and women. I guess the lure of the fireplace and the opportunities to make the stain on the floor in front of the fireplace ever bigger is too much for him to resist.

Why does Amanda have a cast-iron trivet hanging from her neck? Is she expecting to be chinning a tuna noodle casserole as part of her bartender duties?

If David is "hiding" in the attic, why does he have a jacket casually sitting in front of the decorative window?

Why would Ryan invest in a casino, of all things, during a bad economy? Degenerate gamblers and people DESPERATE to get more money may lose their shirts there, but when money is tight, things like going to casinos tend to end up on the list of luxury activities that can wait for better economic times as far as the average person goes.

THAT is what Greenlee considers the "natural look"? I suppose it DOES look natural when compared to raccoon eyes; otherwise, it's quite a bit of makeup. She's not wearing a necklace and her hair is kind of sloppy-elegant. She's wearing large bracelets, but they are far away from her face. Her earrings are mostly covered by her hair. Her dress is glittery. So I guess the lack of the usual distractions near the face and the abundance of distractions AWAY from the face is supposed to make their target audience forget that her makeup does NOT look natural. Not only does it not look natural, but it's obvious that the eyebrows are drawn on on top of some sort of grayish foundation that goes well beyond the drawn ones.

Robin "I give her props for not wearing bright red lipstick, though" Coutellier

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