Sunday, March 28, 2010

BC - Fri, 3/26/10

Why do they have Jake talking so much with his mouth full of food in the last couple of days? It's kind of disgusting. I KNOW Ruth taught him better than that. Ah, there's a clue -- Amanda is going to be portrayed as a glamorous and sophisticated supermodel, and he's going to portrayed as the uncouth and unsophisticated husband left in the dust.

How long after Amanda gets famous will it come out (if it ever does) that her mother is an infamous murderess who has to be locked up in a hospital for the criminally insane (in between escapes)?

David tells Liza that criminals come and go, but she may never get a chance to defend a David Hayward again. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Oh, there will be PLENTY of opportunities to do THAT!

Thank GOD they finally found the BJ's set after the move to LA (maybe they finally paid the storage locker bill)! I am so sick of so many inappropriate interactions at Fusion.

Greenlee directs Natalia during a test photo shoot. She tells Natalia to go over to the roulette table, but stay away from the wheel, itself, because the chips, the stakes and the glamor mean NOTHING to her. If none of that means anything to Natalia as the face of Fusion's natural beauty products, then WTF is she doing in a casino in the first place? It's hardly the place where wood nymphs hang out looking for their true loves.

Robin "did you catch the raccoon eyes on one of the models?" Coutellier

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