Monday, March 8, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 3/4-5/10

What the hell is JAR wearing? Is that supposed to be a robe over a hospital gown? If he's in a coma, a robe would seem superfluous and something that would only get in the way of treating him.

You can tell that's a fake hostage situation because Ryan is just standing there and he's not even tense, letting alone trying to be a hero. Plus they had a plan.

If Tad has a new lead on Chandler's other son, why isn't he out FOLLOWING that lead?

Isn't that the same pew Babe died in? You'd think THAT would be on Krystal's mind and she might want to sit in a different spot, at least.

Colby makes a dramatic entrance to the library to lambaste Annie. She stands in the doorway and declares that her brother is at DEATH'S DOOR! As she says that, she's wearing a RIDICULOUS-looking outfit. I mean REALLY, she had to actually THINK about putting that together. She couldn't be THAT distracted by the fact that her brother is at death's door. She's wearing a top that's long enough to be a dress, pants (jeans?) of some kind and gray or slate-colored ... what? Leg-warmers? Uggs? Fuggs? They look like they go down and under her shoes. She looks like a little kid who found a trunk in the attic and threw on everything she could find. At least she changed before she left the house.

Why is Brooke staying at the Chandler mansion? She knows Annie is insecure about her, both as a romantic rival and as a business rival. She knows Annie doesn't like her. She knows Annie is Adam's wife and doesn't want her there. She knows Annie is feeling left out and needs to be reassured of her place in Adam's life and household. Even so, Brooke blithely accepts Adam's offer to stay there. Oh yeah, she's a shrewd reporter with keen insights.

Greenlee was playacting, too. They're ALL telegraphing their roles. That doesn't make for very good drama. It's boring.

I thought it was funny that basically accused GAYLE of acting like she was in Junior High.

Robin "Pot, Kettle" Coutellier

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