Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BC - Tue, 2/2/10

I'm sure the Chandler shareholders will be THRILLED that Annie is coming on board to muck about with the finances. Oh sure, she's all "healed" now, after a few months, but she WAS a homicidal maniac nutcase kidnapper who just happened to marry a Sugar Daddy. Just the kind of person you want holding the reigns of company finances of your billion-dollar company.

Having been reminded that Erica and David had an affair a few years back, I have to wonder if Ryan has given Erica 19 orgasms in one night, thus beating David's record. That was an in-joke on the show referring to Susan Lucci FINALLY winning a Daytime Emmy after 19 years of being nominated. She also got 19 roses on the show. I have to ask: I you have 19 orgasms, how good can they really be if you have the presence of mind to count them all the way up to 19? Did she have some sort of pedometer/orgasameter strapped to her nether parts to keep track?

Why would Greenlee want to destroy Fusion? Wouldn't she still be half owner now that she's back from the dead? She could go back there and KICK ASS! Besides, wouldn't the company be running an antivirus program? Oh, what am I saying? Erica uses her name backwards as a password!

Robin "everyone else probably uses the word "password" as a password" Coutellier

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