Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 2/5-8/10

Did Erica notice the overwhelming smell of smoke at Wildwind? Why wasn't anything in the Wildwind living room damaged by it?

Greenlee sure is strolling around free and easy in the chapel, especially considering it has a stone floor.

Why would ANYBODY want to go to DAVID'S wedding?

How many times does Greenlee plan to marry for the sole purpose of sticking it to someone else?

They sure are pushing the fact that Erica and David had had a previous romantic relationship. They're pretty much hitting us over the head with a hammer in that regard.

Considering how many people traipse into and out of Wildwind at any given moment, why would Greenlee be STUPID enough to simply barge on into the living room (only to find herself looking at Ryan's back)?

Oh, I LOVE that they had Jack throw into Erica's face that Spike could very well see a photo of his Mommy's Mommy kissing his daddy (I find it far-fetched that he'd take the leap into Spike thinking they were sleeping together, though). Notice how seamlessly he put it -- that Kendall was afraid Spike would see HER Mommy and HIS daddy kissing. BTW, Jack has openly referred to himself as a grandfather of Miranda during his marriage to Erica.

I thought it was interesting that Erica was so offended that Jack said that to her because, in her mind, he was trying to get her to break up with Ryan by HUMILIATING her. Gee, Erica, why would you think it's humiliating that you are having sex with the man who has had sex with your daughter over the course of several years, including less than a year ago, and that he also happens to be the father of your GRANDCHILD?

Now TPTB are hammering home that there are TWO men in Erica's past that she may or may not still hold enthralled in her tiny hands. What's up with THAT?

Ryan is looking high and low for Erica. Has it ever occurred to him to, oh, I don't know, CALL HER? And this is a guy who is supposed to run corporate empires? He finally calls toward the end of the show.

Did anyone else think of Cruella DeVille upon seeing Greenlee in the wedding dress? Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful dress, but it has a hint of evil in it as a bridal gown. Although it's the usual silly reasoning and motivations that are guiding Greenlee and David, it's hard to feel like they are quite the bad guys that they are portrayed as, considering how insufferable their SanctiMartinous (tm) enemies are.

Robin "David really SHOULD be allowed to get a punch in occasionally" Coutellier

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