Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BC - Thu, 2/4/10

Ryan walks into David's smoking house WITH the firemen. No fire dept would allow a civilian to just walk on into such a dangerous situation, not to mention the legal ramifications of allowing him to do so that could ensue!

David is 100% correct that RYAN is the one who should be hauled down to the police station. It's none of Ryan's f**king BUSINESS who may or may not have been in the room when the fire started! It's sort of Jesse's business. But why is JESSE there questioning David? Shouldn't there be an arson investigator asking the questions?

Ryan tells Jesse that it would not be unlike Greenlee to commission something like that virus and then keep it "very well hidden". Excuse me? Taping a flash drive to the back of a wall decoration hardly constitutes "very well hidden". Putting it in a safety deposit box or hollowing out a copy of the book "The Cuckoo's Nest" and hiding in THERE might be at least "well hidden". Sticking it to the back of a big round plate hanging on the wall in the living room is only marginally safer than leaving it in the planter outside the door (which is what Ryan always does with his key).

Wildwind is a HUGE place -- so why was Greenlee getting an IV in the living room?

TAN/OT: Have you seen the commercial about Reglan patients who might now have side-effects they could sue over? I just saw it on TruTV (formerly Court TV). The voice on that commercial sounds JUST like the voice used of the female in the Pratt Falls series on YouTube (link to the first episode)!

Robin "which makes it hard to take seriously" Coutellier

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