Thursday, August 4, 2011

BC - Fri, 7/29/11

JaNut (after being told she is morbid for the "corpse pose" being her favorite yoga position): "What is so morbid about corpses?" Annie: "See, this is why I SO don't belong in here!" JaNut: "You killed your BROTHER!" Annie: "At least I didn't kill my HUSBAND!" Marian: "At least I didn't kill ANYBODY ... recently."

I am LOVING having all of them back AND interacting. And while they are sniping at each other, Erica is lying on the floor like a ... corpse.

Tad told JAR that if he had stuck around Krystal's when Tad was talking about him, he would have heard Tad say that JAR grew up to be every bit the man Dixie thought he would be. Apparently Dixie thought he would grow up to be a flaming asshole. In which case, JAR DOES know that he grew up to the every bit the man his mother thought he would be.

Opal told Tad that he managed to spring Dixie out of Oakhaven way back when. BZZZZT!  Adam had Dixie dragged off to a private sanitarium, Laurel Hill. It was straightened out for me once and for all back in 2008 when I saw a video on Youtube. I mentioned it in the Boogie Chillen for 5/7/08 when I said:

"For years and years I thought that Dixie had been locked away at Oakhaven, but she wasn't.  She was locked away at Laurel Hill.  We FINALLY got that straightened out here relatively recently, I think due to a video from that time that was on Youtube.  Now DIXIE says Adam locked her away at Oakhaven.  Sigh.  Here we go again ...  I wish they'd pick an asylum and stick with it!  I do know that Erica and Gloria Marsh have been at Oakhaven, as has JaNut (I think).  I think the first we heard of Oakhaven was when Erica went there after losing Phil's baby (I think Susan Lucci was HAVING a baby in real life and taking maternity leave)."

Do you think Erica remembers which room she was in at Oakhaven back in the 1970s?

Why is the nurse taking everyone's word for ... well, EVERYTHING? Tad explains that his mother is not crazy, so she says okay, we need the room, anyway. Then she walks away, telling him to wait, just letting him roam the inner halls of a mental facility all on his own. The nurse tells the others that yoga time is over and just walks ahead of the inmates without a backward glance at them, despite the fact that they ALL have violent histories. Then Annie says Erica attacked her and the nurse takes her word for it (and JaNut's word that Erica DID touch Annie) to put Erica into isolation. I'm beginning to think the NURSE is one of the inmates.

Then Erica is able to simply burst into Dixie's room without having to do anything more strenuous than turn the doorknob. It's nice to see that Security is still paramount at Oakhaven.

Robin "Aidan would be able to spring ALL of them if he were there" Coutellier

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