Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BC - Tue, 8/16/11

Damn, Jesse needs to lay down some weather-stripping on the bottom of their front door. He was able to easily see the shadows of Mookie's feet shuffling around outside the front door!

Jesse KNOWS that Mookie is a controlling and probably violent guy, yet he just leaves, telling Maya to make Mookie go away.  WTF? He leaves a dangerous man alone with the nanny and the BABY?

Ewww! Kendall gives Zach a nice long kiss; can you imagine what Zach's breath must be like after all this time?

Zach wants to leave and moves to get up from the bed, but Kendall insists that he stay because he has an infection. Pot, Kettle.

OMG, they actually WENT THERE and showed a love scene with Bianca and eBabe (at least the beginning of it)! I skipped through the Ryan/Greenlee love scene, but this is a whole nother ballgame (so to speak)! They still don't kiss convincingly, but the fact that they showed it at ALL is kind of amazing. Since I don't watch other soaps, I don't know if any of the other ones have shown lesbian love scenes (or gay ones, for that matter) or not, so I don't have that to compare it with this one.

Robin "they have me watching more frequently now because they keep surprising me; I can't believe I actually LIKE their version of short-timer attitude" Coutellier

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