Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BC - Mon, 8/15/11

Tad goes to PVH, holds up Cara's housekey and asks Cara why she moved out. She didn't move out; she left her key there with the PURPOSE of leaving, but I don't think she took so much as her purse with her, so in my book she hasn't moved out yet. In fact, she's barely been at work for more than a few minutes. BTW, WTF is up with a KEY? No one ever locks their doors in PV!

David says Zach has an infection and he needs antibiotics pumped into him. Let me get this straight: David routinely invents his own drugs, brings multiple people back from the dead, keeps them alive, yet in some sort of twilight sleep for YEARS on end while they are hidden away from the rest of the world, yet he doesn't have any antibiotics at his facilities? BOGUS!

Oh look! They threw us a bone by having Erica not only EAT something, but she eat a special sugary pastry and enjoyed it immensely. Can the G-Word be far behind?

Is Ryan's microphone not synced up with the other ones? Every time he talks he blasts me out of my chair, but if I turn it down enough to normal his volume, I can barely hear Kendall or Greenlee (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Wow, Dixie has made remarkable strides since she got out of Oakhaven.

Robin "I just KNOW she's going to be singing 'You Are My Sunshine' to JAR in the final show" Coutellier

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