Thursday, August 4, 2011

BC - Mon, 8/1/11

AJ was at the park with eBabe. Tad found JAR in the park, gave him a lecture and then said he was going to go get AJ and take him home. The next thing we know, Tad goes back to Krystal's to meet up again with Cara, and he has AJ in tow. Does eBabe know that Tad even HAS AJ?

Erica was dragged out of Dixie's room (twice). Why would they then put her in the room right next to Dixie?

Why did Griff tell Kendall that David may possibly have Zach stashed away somewhere? You'd think he would know by now that Kendall is nothing if not impulsive and that both she and her mother's go-to solution when they are pissed off is VIOLENCE. Guns, knives, drugs, pillows--whatever it takes or even just whatever happens to be handy at the time. Kendall, in particular, has a long history of using the threat of lethal violence to try to force people to cooperate with her, whatever her current obsession happens to be. Oh sure, both she and Erica usually wield whatever their current weapon of choice is in a very feminine manner while wearing the latest fashions, but the bottom line is that they often follow through with a very unladylike result. You know that, sure as shit, Kendall is going to go after David and try to force him to tell her whatever he knows about Zach.

Robin "here we go again" Coutellier

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