Thursday, August 4, 2011

BC - Tue, 8/2/11

If Jake has been asleep since last night, why is the laptop screen still showing what he was looking at before he fell asleep? No screensaver on THAT puppy.

Presumably David keeps hounding Ben to find Dixie. How is Ben supposed to find her if he has to spend all his time on the phone being lambasted by David for not finding her? And why doesn't David have a codename for Dixie (like DADD (Dumb As Dirt Dixie))?

David is going to hint to all sorts of people that all sorts of people are still alive. Who has died that could possibly be brought back?

  • Leo (Miller Falls, body never found)
  • Hannah (Miller Falls (body never found)
  • Zach (plane crash, body never found)
  • Jenny (jet ski accident)
  • Will (head smashed in with a crowbar)
  • Trevor (beheaded, frozen)
  • Stuart (shot)
  • Braden (Just Braden) (shot and caved-in)
  • Cindy (AIDS-related complications)
  • Noah (shot)
  • Julia (liver failure after explosion?)
  • Ethan Cambias (Mardi Gras explosion aftermath)
  • Babe (tornado-induced butt bleedout)
  • Frank Grant (Jesse's uncle, stroke)
  • Edmund (burned alive in the stable)
  • Michael Cambias (shot, rotted)
  • Zach Grayson (shot by Marian Colby)
  • Estelle LaTour Tuggle Sago (car accident)
  • Rebecca Fowler (Natalia's mom, cancer)
  • Gillian (shot in the head, heart transplanted into someone else)
  • Billy Clyde Tuggle (thrown off bridge in explosion, since buried)
  • Ray Gardner (exploded on the Martin front lawn)
  • Vanessa Bennett  (Miller Falls, body never found)
  • Natalie (massive stroke)
  • Silver Kane (stabbed with scissors by Natalie, last seen bobbing to the surface in a pond on the Cortlandt estate)
  • Josh Madden (unaborted, shot by Zach, heart transplanted into Kendall)
  • Di Henry (shot)
  • Richie Novak (tire iron to the head via Annie)
  • Mary Kennecott (shot by burglars in 1974)
  • Erin Lavery (Satin Slayer victim)
  • Stan Ulatowski (jumped out of a plane, body never found)
  • Simone (Satin Slayer victim)
  • Christopher Stamp (shot)
  • Roger Smythe (shot)
  • Jeremy (encased in cement? shot? Killed on another show)
  • Sybil Thorne (died in childbirth)
  • Greg Madden (buried alive, suffocated by earthquake-induced cave-in)
  • Frankie (Bianca's girlfriend, shot)

(Yes I have read some possible spoilers, but I'm hoping there may be more surprises in store for us)

Robin "the mind boggles!" Coutellier

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