Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BC - Tue, 8/9/11

Uh, so no one responded after Zach had a seizure at the end of Monday's show? Nice. The next thing we know, Greenlee is waking up near him and checking his pulse, glad that he's not still having seizures.

Hey Jesse, get your paws OFF of Kendall's stuff. Do you have a warrant? I didn't think so, so put the glass down and keep your lipstick comments to yourself!

I guess Dixie forgot that she saw "Kate" when she died. Or that she helped Colby keep  "Kate" safe in the bathroom during the fiasco at Angie and Jesse's wedding reception, or that she welcomed her Uncle Palmer to heaven, and never mind that she showed up to help Tad live their entire lives out together in his mind (I'll give that one to the writers and have it be Tad's imagination). Hmm, maybe David IS a god; there certainly seems to be a revolving door in and out of the afterlife, and he's the one with the key.Who's been cutting and styling Dixie's hair?

Kathy wants to know if she can call all her friends and tell them that her Mommy is back. Krystal immediately answers (with Dixie standing right there): "I don't see why not." Really? It's not UP to Krystal. How about the fact that everyone knows Dixie died and the National Intruder might show up on their doorstep at any second, not to mention David Hayward, who was sniffing around only a short while ago. How about the fact that JAR hasn't been told yet? How about the fact that once Kathy tells her friends, all their moms will show up on the doorstep with pies, cakes and photo/video-capable phones? It'll go viral on PVTube within minutes! How about the fact that Tad hasn't been able to tell his WIFE yet? Nope, no reason in the world for Kathy not to tell all her friends right this second.

Off the top of my head, here are some things that have happened while Dixie was gone that she may or may not be interested in hearing about:

  • Tad found Kathy (check)
  • Uncle Palmer died
  • Myrtle died
  • Julia died
  • Babe died
  • Stuart died
  • Seabone Hunckle just died
  • The Satin Slayer is Alexander Cambias, and he is behind bars
  • Adam left town
  • Erica got an impressive boob job (check)
  • JAR married eBabe, Babe's twin sister
  • eBabe adopted AJ
  • There's a bench in the park named after Dixie
  • eBabe and JAR got a divorce & a custody battle is a-brewin'
  • Bianca got married
  • Bianca had Zach's baby
  • Bianca got divorced
  • Kendall had another baby
  • Cortlandt Manor burned down
  • eBabe and Bianca are in love
  • JAR is drinking again because he found out his ex-wife is/has become a lesbian
  • Krystal bought BJs
  • No one goes to the boathouse anymore
  • Bianca and Cousin Caleb now live at Wildwind
  • Cousin Caleb inherited Cortlandt Electronics
  • Tad now has a green-card marriage
  • Greenlee died
  • Greenlee came back from the dead
  • While Greenlee was dead, Ryan and Erica shacked up
  • Tad has a grown son named Damon
  • Jake married Amanda and they had a baby
  • Kendall went to "prison"
  • Kendall almost died several times
  • Josh was shot by David
  • Winifred left the Chandler mansion for good
  • Adam married Annie, then divorced her
  • Adam and Brooke are together again
  • Kendall got a heart transplant via Josh's leftover heart
  • Zach died
  • JAR had leukemia
  • Jamie is/still is in Africa or somewhere thereabouts
  • Liza looks and dresses WAY differently than before, but she's still a bitch
  • JAR had hepatitis after his bone marrow was illegally harvested
  • Jesse was never dead (but see above)
  • Lainie is presumably still in Paris
  • David died, but was never really dead
  • Angie and Jesse have a baby
  • Del's Dixie kidney went kaput
  • Del's Di kidney went kaput
  • Del will probably show up looking for Dixie's OTHER kidney
  • Tad's new wife is Jake's previous wife
  • Ruth and Joe moved to Florida
  • As far as we know, Will is STILL dead, but that could change
Robin "and JAR is STILL an asshole" Coutellier

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