Monday, August 8, 2011

BC - 8/8/11

Tad's supposed to be a crackjack PI (and, yes, I believe he DID get his PI license in a Cracker Jack box, but that's beside the point). You'd think he would notice someone standing behind him at the park when everything else is so quiet because it's night.

For a couple of people who are about to go on a delayed "honeymoon", Tad and Cara really don't seem that hot for each other. If I were about to go on a weekend jaunt to Martha's Vineyard with my sweetie and we HADN'T had sex yet, we'd probably be all over each other before we got to the point of agreeing to go on a trip where we were, indeed, going to have sex (with each other).

What is the beeping medical equipment supposed to signify? If it's supposed to be Zach's heartbeat, it's WAAY too fast. If that's a normal sound for that room, you'd think it would drive anyone who had to be in the room (including the patient) bonkers.

So are Dixie, Zach and possibly Leo zombies now?

Okay, I know Greenlee is now dealing with Zach being on a bed in the same room (or one that LOOKS like the same room) as Leo was in. You'd think she would at least be gnashing her teeth to get back to finding Leo again, but she seems to have put him completely out of her mind to deal with Zach. I know she thinks it was a dream, and maybe it was, but now she's there with ZACH, right, so how can she know what's real and what's not? How can WE? At this point, as far as Greenlee goes, it's almost like one of those dreams where you dream you were dreaming, and you woke up, and WHEW, it was only a dream, but it seemed so REAL; and then something really bizarre happens, which seems perfectly normal to you, or at least acceptable as reality, and THEN you wake up for real and realize that you dreamed you had a dream and they BOTH seemed really real while you were dreaming them. Don't you HATE that?

Did you hear David refer to Angie as Andy Hubbard?

Robin "the scenes at Ryan's were just plain weird" Coutellier

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