Friday, August 12, 2011

BC - Thu, 8/11/11

Jack gets Jane all the way back to PV and THEN says she might not need to serve time and she MIGHT get off on an insanity plea? WTH would she come back to the US if she thought she might have to go to jail or Oakhaven? This makes NO sense.  And she would NOT get off on an insanity plea. Talk about having all your faculties and knowing right from wrong! She set an exceptionally elaborate plan in motion, planned it for possibly YEARS and went through with it, hiding Erica the entire time and going back to check on her, keeping her from escaping, enlisting the services of someone else to guard her, etc. (do you think she reported Ben as an employee and took taxes out of his wages like any good employer?)  Crafty, yes. Crazy, NO.

What's with Jane's dowdy ensemble? Her hair's in a sloppy low ponytail, she's wearing big glasses, a beige suit, ear studs (remember she was wondering if her earrings were dangling ENOUGH?) and acting very un-Jane-like. Is she wearing orthopedic oxfords, too? She wanted to BE Erica Kane. Being herself instead does not mean being the OPPOSITE of Erica Kane.

Jack tells Jane that he's grateful that she's taking the rap for Erica stabbing David and says he'll be there for her in court. Presumably he means he'll be her lawyer. Uh, conflict of interest aside, wouldn't he be suborning perjury if he knowingly allows his client to lie in court, or is that only if they actually testify on a witness stand, as opposed to entering a plea? Even if she says she's guilty, she has to allocute her crime (describe what she did, in detail).

That is one God-awful getup Madison is wearing. BUTT-UGLY! I'm amazed that neither Scott nor JAR busted out laughing at the sight of her. I know *I* would have trouble keeping a straight face. Madison, sweetie, there's a difference between being fierce and bold and making a statement versus DESPERATELY trying to APPEAR to be fierce and bold and making a statement.

Uh, in what way did Tad "prepare" JAR to meet his zombie-mother again? He basically threatened him to come over sober or he would regret it for the rest of his life. That's not exactly fair. Without knowing the REASON he would regret it, why SHOULD he show up, drunk or not? That was pretty lame.

Robin "given her dead/undead/dead history, I wouldn't believe that was Dixie, either" Coutellier

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