Thursday, August 11, 2011

BC - Wed, 8/10/11

Tad says he wants Dixie to understand why he married Cara, but then says he doesn't want to bombard her with too much information, given what she's been through. WTF? She's CLEARLY agitated about the fact that the love of her life is married to someone else and, trust me, if I died and my sweetie married someone else, and then I came back from the dead, I'd want to know ALL about it, especially the part where it's not the way I think it is.

Why is JaNut calling Amanda Mandy? She ALWAYS referred to her as Amanda, usually preceded by "My Precious".

Dixie took off when she pretended to go get a glass of water. What a surprise. Apparently Tad doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does.  Even Angie would be able to see THAT coming.

I agree with Aisling - no WAY would they let Amanda wear nail polish or all that makeup for surgery in real life. Her toes didn't look pointy under the blanket, though, so at least she's probably not wearing F-Me pumps into surgery.

Robin "Why didn't they harvest some of her eggs first? Cara would probably volunteer to be a surrogate" Coutellier

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