Thursday, September 22, 2011

BC - Thu, 9/22/11

Back to yesterday's show, I agree that that was an unfortunate choice of haircuts for Justin Bruening (Jamie).

Are we ever going to find out just what it was that David did while he had Dixie that scared the bejesus out of her, other than keeping her captive and befuddled and alone?

I liked it when Tad told Cara that if anyone can slap Hayward around, it's gotta be HER. I think I agree. She won't put up with David's shit. I'm glad they semi-paired them for the finale.

Come on, Adam. Stuart was just brought back from the dead literally moments before. Was that REALLY the right time to spill your guts about being the one who shot and killed him? Yeah, I know, there IS no other time.

So, who is JAR going to shoot? Marissa? Himself? Bianca? David? Adam? Those are people he probably feels deserve it. Or will he accidentally shoot someone? Will he aim for someone and accidentally kill Uncle Stewart all over again? If he accidentally shoots someone, it could be just about ANYONE. Or will he have a moment of clarity and throw the gun in the river (for some kid to find)?

Robin "stay tuned for the next ... and LAST ... episode of AMC" Coutellier

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