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Blast From The Past - Detailed Friday Update, 11/03/00, Part 2 of 3


Leo and Bianca enter an empty SOS.  Leo:  "We're the MODELS --we're not supposed to be the first ones here!"  Bianca is brooding and he tries to bring her back to the present.  A waitress walks out from the back and asks if they are there for the Enchantment shoot.  When he says yes, she tells him that Tina is in charge, but she appears to be running late.  [So are the camera, makeup, wardrobe and PR people.]  They sit down at the bar and Leo guesses that she did NOT tell Erica -- so what's the plan?  She says there IS no plan.  She doesn't want to think about it anymore -- whatever happens happens.  Things were different last night -- Erica REALLY opened up to her and didn't give her any attitude when Bianca said she didn't want to do the Enchantment campaign.  Leo:  "But here you are!" Bianca:  "She loves me so much, Leo.  She'd do anything for me!  I really think that she would accept whatever I told her.  She doesn't hate gay people.  I mean, she's far too smart for that.  I just -- it's just that she has this -- this idea of who I am, and I don't want to disappoint her. Not yet ... I guess the way I feel is that I LIKE having her look up to me.  I LIKE having her think that I'm the perfect daughter.  You know what she said to me?  She said that last year when she was going through her surgery, she thought of how brave I was and she wished that she were more like ME!"  He quips that Erica is eternally young and she shushes him.  He says Erica LIKES it when he teases, and so does SHE!  They get into a giggling slap/wrestle mode as Tina comes in with Laura.  The rest of the crew is still missing.  Leo is introduced and Laura asks him if he coached volleyball (harking back to his ad-lib at the dance).  She's there to observe a "real" photo shoot.  Tina goes off to check on the missing professionals while Laura flatters the hapless models.

Laura wants to take some shots of the duo while the rest of them [WHAT rest of them -- no one else is THERE] are setting up.  Leo says sure, it would be great for his portfolio.  He starts to go GQ, then squats down in a karate move   She tells them to just do what they were doing when she first came in.  Bianca, still laughing, says she doesn't think she can do that with an audience.  Leo hugs her to him and says it's more FUN with an audience.  She tells Laura he's not REALLY like this as he goes into "fun" model mode, holding her, throwing things at her and generally goofing around and mugging while she keeps laughing and Laura continues to snap pictures.  Tina comes in and says she wasn't able to reach the crew, but Leo says that's okay because they started already.  Tina puts music on (Madonna singing "Vogue") and Leo frolics around, jumping out at Bianca from behind poles, putting her in a headlock, etc.  [I keep thinking of the Brady Bunch movie where Marcia and Jan audition to be teen models]

Erica walks in with a big, beefy looking guy whom she introduces as Bruce Bullitt, the photographer.  Leo starts with some pleasantries, but Bruce totally ignores that and looks him over, holding his chin and checking out his bod (for professional reasons, of course) like he's a piece of meat. Bianca stops giggling and Bruce does the same chin-lifting with her. Bruce tells Erica that he has to hand it to her -- he wouldn't have picked THESE two in a million YEARS, but he thinks he can work with them.  Erica is momentarily taken aback as Bruce says to powder them down.  She smiles and puts her arms around Bianca, saying she KNEW he would ADORE her! Erica sees Laura and, in a not unfriendly way, asks who she is.  Laura introduces herself.  When Erica mentions she thought she was off somewhere, Laura says she was au-pairing for an American couple in China, but she's back now.  Erica thinks that's nice, but this is a closed set. Bianca explains that Laura is a photographer and she wants her to stay.  A guy [who reminds me a little of Jack from Will and Grace] takes Bianca's arm and coos that he's ready for her now.  Erica takes Leo aside and asks if Bianca has confided in him yet.  He said he thought they talked last night and she says yes, it was great and she only wants Bianca to be happy.  He says that the feeling is mutual -- Erica is the most important person in the WORLD to Bianca.  She thanks him for being such a good friend to Bianca.  She walks over to a chair where Bianca is being fussed over and joins in the fussing.  Leo watches them, looking serious, as Laura unobtrusively snaps photos of him from a distance.  He finally notices the camera and gives a quirky smile, but chides her that certain primitive tribes think that taking someone's picture equates to taking their soul.  She says she'll give it back when she's finished with it.  He mugs some more

Erica and Bianca stand up and Bruce mutters that they don't have all day. Erica hugs Bianca and tells her that this is the BEST idea she's ever had! Bianca is going to be SENSATIONAL.  Bianca says she's going to be SICK.  Erica swears that, after the first few rolls, she'll feel like she's been doing this all her life!   With a big smile of encouragement, she bops aside.  Bianca looks tremulous.

Professional picture taking ensues and Bruce tells them to stop looking like statues -- they are the hottest couple in the WORLD!  He wants to see some ENERGY!  Bianca is extremely uncomfortable and Bruce tells Erica it's no use -- they look like HOSTAGES!  Bruce pushes Leo aside and demonstrates.  He gets down on his knees and grabs Bianca's ass, pulling her to him, burying his face near her bosom and says:  "BOOM!  BUTT! HERE!  All right?  Let's go!"  Bianca looks like she'd rather be ANYWHERE else as Leo hops back onto the platform and they look with conspiratorial dread at each other.  Leo awkwardly tries to imitate Bruce's hot embrace of Bianca, but looks as if he's being forced to put the moves on his grandma.  Bianca runs her hands over her face with embarrassment.  She grimaces and looks like she's going to hurl.  Bruce continues to toss out photographer-like phrases such as "Close, close, close!  Get physical here!  Come on, come on, come on!  The rockets are going off!  SLAM, BAM!" Bianca leans over and quietly says to Leo that she CAN'T do this!  He looks up past her amble bosom and says "SURE you can -- it's fun!  Just be stupid!"  He makes another silly face and she cracks up.

Bruce blows up and says he's got Donnie and Marie here!  It's a waste of HIS time and Erica's money!  Erica strides over and sweet-talks him into continuing.  Then she runs over to Bianca and tells her not to be nervous -- it's just PLAYACTING!  She should just imagine he's another boy that she LIKES.  Think of him as the man of her DREAMS!  Bianca closes her eyes and then tosses another look of dread at Leo.  Erica enthuses that they can get this now!  Bianca goes back to the platform and stands there while Bruce once again demonstrates, this time grabbing her waist and thigh, pulling a leg up and bending her backward in a dip, nuzzling her neck. Leo tries to imitate Bruce and approaches Bianca as if there are live grenades on her that he has to defuse.  He puts his hand hesitantly on her ass, then quickly moves it to her thigh as they awkwardly go into a dip. [I'm thinking he's going to throw his back out the way he's bending] Bruce gets frustrated again and says:  "Oh, for God's sake, grab her like a MAN!"  He turns to Erica and says:  "These pretty boys are all alike! Maybe if you had a SON we'd get some fire here!"  Erica:  "Excuse me?" Bruce:  "These male models are all pink around the edges!"   Erica: "Bruce, are you implying that Leo is GAY?"  He says to forget it, but she takes offense and assures him that Leo is NOT gay and that he owes Leo an apology.  Leo and Bianca look at each other and keep quiet. 

Erica accuses Bruce of being too much of a primadonna to apologize and he protests that he just doesn't have TIME for hurt feelings.  Erica insists on an apology to Leo.  Leo walks over and quietly tells her he doesn't need one.  Erica:  "I think you do!  Excuse me.  I mean, if you were gay, all right then, fine, who cares?  But you happen to be a perfectly NORMAL person, and I won't have you insulted!"  Bianca looks crushed at Erica's use of the word "normal".  Erica points out that they are NOT professional models and just need a little guidance and understanding.  Bruce says he never SAID that her friend wasn't NORMAL, he's just trying to get some work done.  They should try again.  At this point, Bianca yells out NO -- she's not going to DO this any MORE!  She runs to the edge of the room.

Erica glares at Bruce and runs over to Bianca to soothe her.  She says it's not HER fault, it's Bruce's -- he thinks he's a genius, but SHE made him and SHE can break him!  Bianca insists it's not him -- she just doesn't know how to do this and she wants to go home!  She begs Erica not to make her do this.  Erica says she doesn't have to do it -- they'll get another photographer.  Bianca says Bruce is the best in the business. Erica still completely misses the point and insists they'll do this another time with a different photographer -- she'll make everything all right!  She clops away, leaving Bianca looking forlorn.

Laura walks over and sympathizes with Bianca, who is blaming herself. Laura thinks this is NOTHING compared to the things supermodels pull -- if she doesn't want her picture taken today, let THEM deal with it!  Leo thanks her for being there.  Laura gazes lovingly at Bianca and says she wouldn't have missed it.  She gives her goodbyes -- a long one for Bianca and a casual one to Leo [I think whoever guessed that Laura and Bianca would get together is probably right]

Bruce and Erica walk over and Bruce apologizes to Leo.  Leo snaps that he knows who he is and doesn't NEED Bruce's PERMISSION.  Erica offers Bianca a ride home, but Bianca says she's fine.  Amazingly enough, Erica says okay, kisses her cheek and leaves!  Bianca looks very, very sad.  Leo asks if she's REALLY okay and she stares meaningfully, yet uncertainly at him. He stares at her.

Bianca says she was wrong about her mother -- she thought that she would be surprised and shocked, maybe, but she was just wrong.  Leo says Erica was just angry.  Bianca says that easy for HIM to say -- HE'S not GAY -- she IS -- she's ABnormal!  He says Erica was just being dramatic -- she was PROTECTING him -- she thought he was being insulted.  Bianca:  "Of course!  Somebody called you gay!  What could be worse than THAT?"  She storms a few feet away.  He says that today was just a bust all the way around -- they should do something else like go to the movies and dinner and just talk about something else.  Bianca agrees.  After all, she's only 16 -- what does SHE know about anything?  Besides, she's only had that one experience at a time when she was dealing with a big problem and living in a dorm with other girls who were dealing with their OWN big problems.  Leo looks skeptically at her and asks if she's trying to talk herself out of being gay.  She looks frustrated.

[For the first time, I actually see through a WINDOW at SOS -- through the gold shimmery tinsel, a street and a parked car can be seen]  Bianca says that when Sarah, the girl she had been involved with, said she wasn't gay anymore and that she never was, she thought Sarah was lying to or fooling herself.  But now Bianca thinks that maybe it IS possible to stop being gay!  Leo says some people stop being gay and some people just pretend to. Bianca is really confused -- how does she know?  He points out that she's NEVER been attracted to guys.  She says she knows that's what she SAID, but ...  He asks if she is saying she wants to be with a guy.  She says it couldn't be just ANY guy.  They are friends and she can count on him, right?  He stands, looks sternly at her and asks if she's saying she wants to make love to him.

Robin "Bianca & Leo would have made a beautiful baby" Coutellier

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