Friday, September 23, 2011

BC - Fri, 9/23/11

LOVED JAR's snarky comment that maybe Babe and Uncle Stewart in heaven can throw down cows and paintbrushes. The thought of falling cows is daunting, but if one fell on JAR, I would be okay with that

Stuart has been in a limbo/coma for at least a couple of years, he was JUST brought out of it and he's coming home TONIGHT? Puh-lease! He's still looking around trying to figure things out!

Winifred! When did SHE start working for them again?

I thought David was still in custody. Just because he temporarily got out to save Stuart doesn't mean that he should be able to roam the town again.

I DID like the Rhett Butler moment for Jack. He's walked out on her before, though, and he always comes back, so it didn't have quite the impact it probably could have had.

I'm surprised that Hayley did not return this week. I'm fine with Maturdo not returning, though.

Oh THAT SUCKS! They end the show, not just the episode, but a 41-year, 5-day-a-week show with a single gunshot and jump to black? That's IT? We didn't even get to see Stuart come home!

JAR was the one with the gun. As far as we know, no one else had a gun. He probably shot at Bianca and/or Marissa, but it could have been someone else or it could have HIT someone else (like Stuart coming home). Or he could have committed suicide. Or it could simply have gone off accidentally while he was waving it around.

We are supposed to watch the Prospect Park version of AMC when and IF it goes onto the internet at some point in the future. What if that falls through? What about people who don't have high-speed internet who won't be able to watch the PP version? A cliffhanger, by definition, is something that WILL BE CONTINUED. That was the official end of AMC as we know it, so to fire a shot into a crowded party and just go to black was a slap in the face to the fans! 

What a disappointing way to end the show!

Robin "I think I'll pretend I didn't see that last part" Coutellier


Ruth B said...

I'm with you Robin...the ending sucked big time. A total ripoff of The Sopranos ending when there is a shot - then black screen and we don't know if Tony was shot. It sucked then and it sucks now. I got the impression we were supposed to think that Erica stepped in front of Marissa on her way to get Jack and she got shot. I liked the "frankly scarlett i don't give a damn moment" too. It is a huge loss for this show to be over and I will not watch "the chomp". Ever. Loved really your Boogie Chillens over the years and I will miss them too. Thanks for all the laughs. I hate goodbyes.

Marv said...

That was a great final BC, Robin! Gotta agree with all that! I noticed the NBC Nightly News even did about 3 minutes on AMC at the end of the newscast this evening. They showed a gathering at a bar in NY viewing the show, and a loud cheer went up when Jack delivered his final line!

It was kinda fun to go to the AMC page on Facebook right after the ending and read about everyone bitching about that conclusion!

Great job over the years with the BCs!!!

Robin Coutellier said...

Thank you, Ruth & Marv! The BCs have been a labor of love for a long time now. I always thought I would stick it out to the end, and I did!

Now I'll probably concentrate more on copying over the older Boogie Chillens to the archive (see links)

It's so hard to believe that was IT!