Sunday, June 27, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 6/23-24/10

Why does Tad keep bringing Liza back to his house to make out/have sex when she has a perfectly good PRIVATE condo that they could go to? Yeah, I know, so they can run into Damon or Krystal or even Opal, but the concept is STOOPID.

Why do Erica and Bianca just go around announcing to Greenlee and David aren't going to get away with what they did and even what Bianca and/or Erica is going to do about it? Why not just DO it. Sic the law on them, hold your own press conference, whatever. Don't waste energy taunting Greenlee and David about it.

If the SEC is ransacking the Fusion offices, why are Ryan and Madison able to just walk on in? Shouldn't they have a guard posted to keep people out? For that matter, shouldn't they have someone keeping an eye on Greenlee and Erica?

Erica is slightly mushy thinking about Caleb and how he saved her life ... more than once. Yeah, he also ENDANGERED your life by refusing to get you medical help when you had a life-threatening infection.

Robin "oh, but what a big strong he-man -- BAH!" Coutellier

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