Monday, June 21, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 6/16-17/10

People in and from Pine Valley are SO RUDE! Jack and Krystal just make themselves at home in a cabin that they KNOW someone has been occupying. Now they're helping themselves to the resident's moonshine.

Damn, that is a REALLY high (cgi) fire Caleb built!

Krystal is complaining to Jack about still being single. Uh, she was married to Adam, Tad and then David, one after the other. She should be thanking her lucky STARS she's "still single"!

So now Krystal and Caleb seem to have developed an attraction. Erica assures Krystal that he's not so bad. Uh, yeah, Erica, he IS. He may have saved you over and over again, but he refused to get you any kind of medical treatment or help you back to civilization.

Robin "he's not so GOOD, either" Coutellier

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