Sunday, May 30, 2010

BC - Fri, 5/28/10

Wow, what a FUN birthday party for Emma! NO friends except AJ, who's vaguely related by marriage and shared tragedy of a horrific night of murder in THAT VERY ROOM. Oh and a bunch of adults who bristle with hostility toward each other with every breath they take. Her Mommy tried to MURDER Greenlee. Emma has a friend in the penthouse building. She is also friends with Kathy and Jenny. Presumably she has friends at school, but apparently none of THEM were invited. Where's the entertainments? Where's the bouncy house, ponies, Disney characters, pinatas, etc.? Hell, I'd settle for a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Where's ... well, ANYTHING that would resemble a child's birthday party? The children probably had more fun on the night Stuart was killed.

I see they've backwards aged Emma, too. She is presumably turning 7 on this birthday, but in the past she was already 8 years old. Are they trying to match her age closer to AJ's?

Why is the background music at Emma's birthday party more suited to music being played at Fusion?

Why did it take the Chief of Staff to look at the little boy (Ramon) and realize he's not breathing? The nurse had her back turned but the man (is he a doctor or what?) was staring right at the kid, but so still that HE might as well have been the person not breathing and being totally unresponsive. Angie should have shined a light into HIS eyes. Also, something's beeping (heart, blood pressure, etc.) -- you'd think the machine would indicate that something was wrong -- if he's not breathing, it's bound to have an effect on his heartbeat.

Why does Angie have to keep yelling for a mask and gloves? Don't they keep those in EVERY room (at least the GLOVES)?

Robin "the kid has a name -- whose long-lost kid will he turn out to be?" Coutellier

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