Thursday, May 27, 2010

BC - Tue, 5/25/10

I don't think grizzly bears hang around the east side of the continent -- they frequent the western (and mostly northern). You'd think a Stanford graduate would know that. That's a minor nitpick, but then, that's what I do, isn't it?

Why is everyone taking Bailey's assertion that Damon is not Stuart's father at face value? You'd think that after everything that's happened they would at LEAST ask for a DNA test.

Liza said Colby is 18. No she is NOT. She is 19, and she'll be 20 in September. Her Sweet Sixteen party was in September of 2006. You'd think her own mother would know how old she is. Then again, in REAL years, Colby would only be 9 years old (she was born in 2000), so I can sort of understand how anyone in Pine Valley would be confused about their own child's age.

How many of you were expecting the mountain guy to fart when Erica pulled his arm (to pop his shoulder back into place)?

I love, Love, LOVE that the mountain man referred to Erica's "stinking perfume"! Those of you that know me from way back know that I have multiple chemical sensitivities and that I can't STAND perfumes and other scented products. It doesn't "bother" me -- it makes me SICK! I know millions of people use perfume, cologne, lotions, air "fresheners", etc., and nothing I say is going to change their minds, but trust me, if someone is sensitive to scented things, perfume truly does STINK. I can't tell you how many HUNDREDS of times I've just about PLOTZED from someone walking by who is drenched in perfume or cologne! It's had a MAJOR impact on my life, and that's not exaggerating even a little bit. Please, please PLEASE!!! If you put perfume or cologne on and you think it's too weak, there's something wrong with your nose, NOT with the strength of the scent. I'd say I'm off my soapbox now, but a soapbox would be way too scented for me to stand on.

Robin "overwhelmed" Coutellier

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