Monday, May 3, 2010

BC - Mon, 5/3/10

LOVE that JaNut not only refers to herself as Grandma when talking to Trevor, but as "your OLD Grandma". She said that as she grunted getting up while holding him. Now THAT is realistic.

HATE that JaNut has Amanda tied up in the closet with Natalia. That is SO out-of-character for JaNut! Yes, she did lock Amanda into that storage room (or whatever it was) with baby Jenny, but that was not a VIOLENT thing. Oh wait, did she bonk Amanda on the head during that time? I don't remember now. I think (hope) she bonked someone else on the head.

I did see a hint of her feeling bad, though, that made me think she is withdrawing from her meds. That might explain her ongoing nuttiness, but you'd think it would make it HARDER for her to do such meticulous planning.

Robin "in any case, it's rarely boring when JaNut is around" Coutellier

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