Monday, May 10, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 5/5-6/10

Tad tells Damon that whatever happened tonight was HIS (Tad's) mistake, not Damon's. WTF??? No, it WAS Damon's mistake. I don't care if the little punk DOES have ADHD -- that's no excuse for breaking the law! What he HAS are anger issues.

Is it my imagination or is eBabe wearing very little eye makeup in order to make her look more innocent (therefore making the betrayal even WORSE)?

I really like that Opal reminded Amanda that Erica has her own history with JaNut and can understand how she can be. Not that Erica denied it, but somehow it had a little more importance to me when Opal made a point of it. Maybe I feel a little like Opal is one of US, a fan with a long memory, if that makes any sense.

Amanda had me right up until she started to cry. Then I was taken out of the moment because it was pathetically fake crying. That push-up bra must be too tight, because it sounded more like she just wasn't getting enough air.

eBabe tells Scott that it's always been JAR's DREAM to take over the company. Why is everyone acting like JAR hasn't taken it over BEFORE? I think he's taken it over more than once, for that matter. Job positions in Pine Valley are like sands through the hourglass. The grains run out, but eventually the hourglass is turned over and it starts all over again, so all he really has to do is stay inside the hourglass and he'll get another turn. Again.

Marissa making JAR choke on grapes (within Annie's fantasy) was a nice comedic touch, as was her telling Annie to aim low (with the gun)

Robin "let the mumbling commence (that's how JY conveys emotion)" Coutellier

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