Sunday, May 23, 2010

BC - Wed, 5/19/10

This poor, pitiful, potentially-crazy act of Amanda's is wearing thin. It's sad to see the way they took our beautiful, SMART little Amanda and brought her back as such a s STUPID bimbo. I can see being worried that she might have inherited whatever it is that made JaNut mentally ill, but being afraid to touch or having anything to do with her own baby for something that MIGHT happen at some distant point is ridiculous and hurtful to the baby.

Tad and Liza barge into Colby's bedroom without knocking and find Damon and Colby in a compromising position. Tad: "This isn't good." No, it's NOT. How utterly RUDE of Tad and Liza to just barge into someone's bedroom without even knocking!

Robin "Colby really should invest in a good deadbolt" Coutellier

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