Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BC - Tue, 5/4/10

NOTE: I stand corrected on the assertion I made the other day that Tad has had sex with JaNut and was going to marry her until the ceremony was interrupted -- that was TREVOR that JaNut was going to marry. I think she was still masquerading as Jane Cox, but he might have have known it was JaNut at that point.

I was going to give a line of the day (LOD), but I decided this deserved to be in an entire CONVERSATION of the Day category:

JaNut to Amanda: "You just have to trust me to do what's best for you."

Amanda: "Oh, like--like--when you pushed Babe down the stairs because she was MEAN to me? Or when you STOLE her SON???

JaNut: "Oh, he looked so cute in that MANGER!"

Amanda: "You DRUGGED and KIDNAPPED people!"

JaNut: "Uh -- uh -- well, it wasn't my fault that they interFERED! I hated the way they were TREATING you!"

Amanda: "Is that why you blew up the Mardi Gras ball?"

JaNut: "I SAID I was SORRY!"

Amanda: "Oh my God, when are you going to STOP??? When are you going to REALIZE you always think that you're being loving and supportive!"

JaNut: "I AM!!!"

Amanda: "You HURT people!!"

JaNut: "It is NOT my FAULT that they get in the WAY!"

Amanda to JaNut: "You KILLED Daddy and you put him in a FREEZER!!!"

JaNut (affronted and showing injured dignity): "I thought that we could defrost him and bring him back to life later -- you KNOW that!"

NOTE: They both are skimming over the part where (presumably, because they STRONGLY hinted it), Trevor's head was in a cooler that JaNut rested her feet upon as she told him that she sensed a coldness coming from him.

Why was Erica covering her ASS (literally) when she and Jackson left the hospital room after being caught in a semi-compromising position by Frankie?

Excuse me? Brot and Natalia are both police officers. Brot is on suspension and Natalia has a flesh wound on her arm, but Brot just asks Jake if he's fine with JaNut (tied to something now) while he takes Natalia to the hospital. So both cops leave civilians with a deranged MURDERER who has proven over and over and over again just how capable she is of getting out of all kinds of scrapes.

Why does JaNut keep calling Amanda Mandy? She rarely, if EVER, called her that.

I hope we'll still be seeing JaNut for a while, but if they hauled her off again, that might not happen.

Angie says they might need an MRI for Natalia's arm that was grazed by the bullet. Why?

Robin "who coincidentally had *2* MRI's today" Coutellier

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