Monday, May 24, 2010

BC - Thu-Fri, 4/20-21/10

Amanda apparently thinks Jake and Angie plan to have her committed (for no reason whatsoever). Maybe she IS crazy, because it's hard to fathom that kind of STUPID.

Jack tells Greenlee that he's used to being at odds with Erica, but he'll never get used to seeing Greenlee unhappy. He's in for a bumpy ride then, because Greenlee is rarely happy.

I know people recover quickly in Pine Valley, but how is it that Greenlee is now JOGGING given that she had such major spinal cord injury not so long ago? I can see where she would be exercising, but jogging, especially on cement, would be very hard on the back.

What is that THING Erica is wearing? It is NOT flattering and it's much too babydollish for her to be wearing. She MIGHT get away with it if it were a little longer and in the form of a dress, or possibly even with black pants, but the white-on-white combination just doesn't work. I'm wondering if Baby Jane Hudson met up with the Good Humor Man and that outfit was the result.

Scott and Annie seem to think that since Palmer died, the revolutionary product he and Scott were working on now belongs to Scott (because he stole it). Scott, himself, SAID that Palmer was bankrolling a team that was working on it. Uh, wouldn't the people on that TEAM know that it was Palmer's product?

What the hell time is it in Pine Valley? Everyone is at the Fusion office in full force (the sometimes there but mostly NOT there office staff to answer the usually silent but now ringing-off-the-hook phones). It's certainly daylight out. Erica is on a plane that has to make an emergency landing (wouldn't a missing fuel pump keep it from taking off in the first place?), JAR just got out of his morning shower, and Madison is working at the casino. WTF? What kind of hours does she HAVE? I thought she worked for Greenlee during the day and for Ryan in the evening.

Robin "what does she DO at the casino?" Coutellier

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