Sunday, May 23, 2010

BC - Tue, 4/18/10

Erica orders room service at her hotel in New York. It's completely silent in her room except for her phone call. She hangs up and walks a few feet to the open balcony, at which time we hear a cacophony of traffic horns, etc. Now wasn't that nice of all the drivers and people on the street to suddenly go silent JUST so Erica could make a phone call? And people say that New Yorkers are RUDE!

Why does Greenlee think that making it look like Erica was looting the non-profit Miranda line of cosmetics will be a GOOD thing? Yeah, it may send Erica down in flames and result in Greenlee winning her company back, but since it's all under the Fusion umbrella, wouldn't there be a backlash against the COMPANY for having crooked accounting and embezzling by people at the top? Besides there was already that incident where Petie and Adam poisoned the perfume with an extreme irritant, there have been murders of multiple people within the company, all the computers were wiped out (at Greenlee's behest), Greenlee was dead for a year, Erica went to prison for insider trading (as Greenlee mentioned), Kendall just took off after being kidnapped and on the run to keep from going to prison, etc., etc., all of which was highly publicized. Frankly, I would not put my trust in Fusion for either the soundness of their products nor the solvency of the company that's in the hands of such unstable people and their ridiculous whims and frequent crimes. They're bound to go out of business from one day to the next. Why find JUST what you like out of their product line only to have it be under constant threat of being discontinued?

Robin "I'd sell my Fusion stock, but I'd never buy it in the first place" Coutellier

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