Sunday, May 2, 2010

BC - Fri, 4/30/10

I'm assuming that there is also a camera in the little stuffed tiger Natalia was talking to.

Maybe it's just the fact that their hair is very dark and parted in the middle, but check out the guy second from the right in this 1915 photo of Army cooks from Does he look like he could be a forefather of Damon or WHAT? (The guy with the big fork is kind of hot, too) Here's an enlarged version.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I have to say it again: is a GREAT site with vintage photos going back to the 1840s; I've spent HOURS combing through the site and imagining what things were like back then. I love looking at the details in some of the fashions. The hats alone are fascinating! Thinking about what was going on in history at any given time and watching the way things changed for women over time just makes my mind spin! I try to imagine what people were thinking when the photo was being taken, what their influences were, etc.

OMG! I can't believe that after all my ranting, that IS JaNut back!!! Is she Amanda's stalker, though? I don't care -- I LOVE JaNut From Another Planet! JaNut would do ANYTHING for Amanda! Just in time for May sweeps, too! If she is NOT Amanda's stalker, she'll make mincemeat of the person who IS.

Robin "let the carnage begin!" Coutellier

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