Sunday, May 2, 2010

BC - Thu, 4/29/10

Jack doesn't want to talk about Fusion and Amanda's cyberstalker. WTF? Jack was married to Laurel, who was married to Trevor, who is Amanda's father. Laurel was Amanda's stepmother and mother to Lily, who is Jack's adopted daughter. You'd think he would care at least a LITTLE bit about Amanda.

Natalia thought it was a GOOD idea to incorporate the fact that she's a PVPD cop during the day and model by night into the Fusion ad campaign? She's not the brightest bulb in the package, is she?

Amanda is SUCH an idiot! She KNOWS what mental illness looks like -- she grew up with JaNut! JaNut beheaded Trevor (presumably AFTER he died) and carried it around in a cooler (the rest of his body was in the freezer). She KNOWS that obsessions take over people's lives, yet she it completely empty-headed when it comes to someone stalking HER. I guess it never occurred to her that the stalker might KILL her BABY or, at the very least, her husband. Oh, and HER. Her anger is very understandable. The refusal to even CONSIDER that she should take this more seriously instead of belittling Natalia for warning her about it makes me wonder if Amanda, herself, has some mental problems.

And just to add a fine point to the whole JaNut/obsessed psycho angle, JaNut MURDERED Will Cooney Cortlandt not because he was a bad guy (which is why SO many people were suspects), but because he was taking too much of Trevor's attention away from her and Amanda (she had already named the baby Amanda, although no one had determined the sex of the unborn baby yet). JaNut was 9 months pregnant with Amanda at the time she did it and under police guard. She escaped from her 4th floor room at PVH (where she was awaiting Amanda's birth) with the help of a BUTTERKNIFE, climbed out the window, broke into Will's apartment from the outside, bludgeoned him to death with a crowbar, managed to get BACK to PVH and climb back into her "guarded" 4th floor room without ANYONE knowing she had even left the room. And Amanda thinks the obsessed stalker is no big deal and will go away because it said it would. Uh huh.

Also, everyone is assuming the stalker is a guy. While that is the most likely scenario, it IS possible that the stalker is a woman.

Why are so many people out jogging in the park at night?

Natalia gives in enough to say she'll sit in the squad car outside and keep an eye on the place (because there is only one entrance to the big building that has a parking garage, an elevator, stairs, hallways, balconies and fire escapes) and orders Amanda to lock the door behind her. Amanda complies by turning the thumb-lock, but leaving the GIGANTIC deadbolt unturned. Idjit.

Robin "Amanda should tune into the crime channels occasionally" Coutellier

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