Sunday, May 2, 2010

BC - Tue-Wed, 4/27-28/10

Liza tells Tad that, for reasons that are too obvious to spell out, any kind of relationship between Colby and Damon is a no-starter. That got me to thinking about what, exactly, ARE the obvious reasons. Some are obvious and some are more subtle.

  • Damon is headed for prison if he keeps on the way he's been going. Okay, that IS obvious.
  • Tad is Damon's bio father.
  • Tad has had sex with:
  • Liza (Colby's Mom)Hillary (Damon's Mom)
  • Marian (Colby's Grandmother and Aunt)
  • Dixie (one of Adam's ex-wives & JAR's mother)
  • Brooke (one of Adam's ex-wives)
  • Gloria (one of Adam's ex-wives)
  • Krystal (one of Adam's ex-wives)
  • Mia (Liza's sister)
  • Skye (Adam's daughter)
  • Tad has had sex with JaNut, Amanda's Mom (when JaNut was pretending to be "Jane"). Amanda is married to Jake, who is Tad's brother. (Ewww, THAT ick-factor just now occurred to me). Jake was SUPPOSED to be Colby's father via sperm donation, and he tried to get custody of Colby when she was a baby.
  • Jamie is Damon's brother and the son of Brooke and Tad. Jamie has had sex with Babe, who is Krystal's daughter. Krystal was Colby's stepmother and Colby helped her to deliver Jenny on the floor of the mansion. JAR's current wife Marissa (aka eBabe) is also Krystal's daughter. Jamie also had sex with Amanda (see above), as did JAR. bbc
The fact that all this interconnected sex went on is not a hindrance for the two potential young lovers, but it definitely has an ick factor that could come up at social functions and family dinners if one allows one's mind to try to connect the dots.

Why would they have a sting (and a really STUPID, spur-of-the-moment, poorly-thought-out sting at that) at the Fusion office? That's giving KNOWN batshit crazy people (well at least they know ONE of them is batshit crazy) open access to the inside of corporate offices! Did anyone wear bulletproof vests? Of course not. There was really no protection WHATSOEVER other than having a couple of police officers there.

Robin "Fusion: Our Products Will Kill Your Brain Cells" Coutellier

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