Sunday, April 18, 2010

BC - Fri-Mon, 4/9-12/10

OT: My apologies for my absence. I am 6 days behind on AMC! It's not unusual for me to watch 2-3 episodes at once, but this time I've been delayed by a new vice -- watching The Tudors starting from episode one -- now THAT is a soap opera! Every time I would tell myself to start catching up on AMC my willpower would weaken and I would watch another episode of The Tudors (On Demand) instead. I'm about halfway through season 3 now.

Back to AMC, Annie, fresh from her high of testifying before congress, is gushing to JAR about how great she feels and how worthwhile they made her feel. She's planning from now on to talk to children about being kind and generous. As if any parent would want their children being influenced by such a narcissistic homicidal psychopath.

Erica tells Kendall that she and Ryan ended their romance LONG before they even knew Greenlee was alive. Yeah, it was at LEAST a day, and possibly even TWO days before they found out she was alive.

While examining Nurse Gayle, the DA asks her if she was aware that, while under the influence of the drugs she gave him, Adam shot and killed Stuart, Liza vehemently objects and says the facts are not in evidence. A short time later Adam is testifying and the DA asks if it's true that Adam shot and killed Stuart while under the influence of the drugs, and Liza doesn't bat an eyelash. What facts came into evidence in between the witnesses?

If this case can make or break Liza's career, why aren't their any interested spectators? Most of the usual characters are elsewhere doing whatever they are doing and there aren't even any extras in the courtroom watching. Maybe this case isn't as important to her career as Liza seems to THINK it is. She doesn't even have an assistant.

Annie invites eBabe to come with her and JAR to the dinner at the British Embassy where the President will also be dining. Uh, if the President is going to be there, wouldn't people have to be investigated or, at the very least, INVITED through official channels in order to attend? For that matter, why is ANNIE being allowed to go. Just because she donated bone marrow and testified in front of Congress doesn't mean she isn't still a homicidal nutcase who could be a threat or, at the very LEAST, an embarrassment and unnecessary distraction.

Robin "was her invitation emailed to her?" Coutellier

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